Friday, May 29, 2015

The Suspense Rises

Reclaimed from Bubblews, where it appeared on February 25, 2014, and shared here just to remind everybody what a disappointment the Bubblews scam was. (The funds were raised, and the homeless family got their trailer house on their own land, anyway.)

Image credit: if you search for "discouraged" at Morguefile, this image, shared by Puravida, is what comes up...

Click on that Bank icon...$49.84! I probably won't be here to see my Bubblews earnings tick over to $50.

As regular readers have been reminded every day I've been here, this first $50 goes directly to the church fund on behalf of the family discussed here:

I've not been in contact with the church during these months. They have a low-tech phone without voice mail, and the building is often empty. (And Tracfone, those meanies, started deducting prepaid minutes for calls nobody answered to subsidize those Obamaphones. And the expensive TV ads to make sure every welfare cheat in America got one. I do think people who have disabilities and/or are looking for jobs should have cell phones, but...Tracfones were very affordable before they were subsidized.) So my current plan is that, one day this week, whichever day the weather seems best, I'll spend a day offline, spend part of the day in Kingsport, and call the church for free from there, to find out exactly how they want their $50.

Reading back through old posts, I see where TheresaWiza recommended a few fundraising sites. I've tried using those and had no luck, but maybe with all of your help I might have had, if I'd started sooner. Oh's always possible that someone has actually donated a trailer house during these eight weeks. 

If not, I get a lot of housemates who have enough trouble without having to deal with the fact that they don't want to be my housemates. Not to mention the fact that the older part of the house that has the three spacious and private rooms was damaged by the 2011 cyclone; the current condition of those rooms would be depressing for a healthy person to move into, and the father in this family has had cancer.

I will be spending even less time online in March than I have been in January and February. I'll try to get up to the computer center every week or two and check in.