Friday, May 22, 2015

Sponsor-Friendly Post: El Paso Tacos

(Reclaimed from Bubblews, where Old El Paso brand taco products was a sponsor. Should it be reposted here, where Old El Paso brand is not a sponsor? Oh, why not, for historical interest anyway. Photo credit: Jaded Core at

Although I'm one of the few Irish-Americans who've inherited an authentic Mexican taco recipe, I've also bought, and liked, Old El Paso taco dinner components.

Traditional Mexican cuisine was often very labor-intensive. Old El Paso products allow cooks to decide how much of that work they want to do. You can buy the spices, the salsa, the tortillas, or all three.

The spice packet makes tacos taste good...even though it contains wheat flour, which I can't eat.

The crunchy corn tortillas are good...even though so much of the corn available in North America these days has been bioengineered into something chemically similar to wheat that I can't safely eat corn tortillas, any more, either.

The salsa comes in mild, medium, and incendiary versions. If you are prepared to add only as much heat as you can stand, any of the three can be enjoyable with bland tortillas and veg. But the salsa contains corn syrup...and these days I have to be careful about how much corn syrup I consume, too!

Too bad. I don't like to spend a lot of money on time-savers, but when I do, Old El Paso made some of the best time-saver foods on the market. I can only hope they'll join me in demanding that the United States separate genetically modified, glyphosate-resistant, wheat-like corn products from the corn products we gluten-intolerant people can eat, so I can enjoy Old El Paso products again.