Thursday, May 14, 2015

Temporary Home for Christmas

(Reclaimed from Bubblews, where it appeared on January 8, 2014. Is this one worth reposting, even for historical reasons? it can show up on web searches as a testimony to what a scam Bubblews turned out to be. Yes, the fundraising effort discussed below was successful. No, although Bubblews said they were sending my first Bubblews payout of US$50 and change to the church fund, they never actually sent the check.

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The last time I was here, I posted an article about a family threatened with homelessness on Christmas

Here's the update. Good news first: The family were offered free use of an apartment for January and February. They're in it now. 

Now the bad news: Social networking is not bringing in a big rush of money for these people. After the fundraising drive in local churches, the campaign to get a decent trailer house set up on their property, so they can work with generous construction workers to rebuild their home as they become able, seems to have hit a plateau. 

Becoming homeless in March is not as bad as becoming homeless on Christmas Day. Anyway they're not going to become homeless, unless they really hate my house and me. (That's possible...especially if any of them is allergic to cats.) However, this family have always lived in Hawkins County, Tennessee, and don't want to have to move to Virginia. The children still have a grandmother in Hawkins County. The disabled adults feel less miserable when they're close to home. The children have always gone to school in Hawkins County; neither the public school nor the Christian school near my home is known for being especially easy for students to transfer into. We want them to be able to live on their own land.

We're not asking total strangers in cyberspace to rebuild the big two-storey farmhouse for this family. If they can settle into their trailer house, get the disability pensions straightened out, give the mother time to get well and go back to work part-time while the children help their father, they will have a chance to work with local construction workers on that. If anybody out there wants a big tax write-off, they can write a big cheque to the church that's working with this family, but all we're really asking is that people chip in enough to pay for a decent-quality used trailer house, water, and electricity. 

I'm dedicating my Bubblews payout(s) to this fund. I will try to post five Bubbles on each of five days each week and donate the money to the church on the homeless family's behalf. 

So, please...share this story with your rich relatives. Print it out and mail it to the ones who don't use the Internet: