Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Has the Bubble Burst?

(Reclaimed from Bubblews...still relevant here. Yes, this web site is still offering AC-type payment for AC-type articles. Image credit: Miphoto at

Some people were worried that the value of our Bubblews page views was being cut when the "Bank" page stopped displaying a straightforward list of views, likes, comments, and payment. Apparently so. According to the "Notifications" page, a few people have been reading my contributions to this site, but my "Bank" account has not grown since Sunday.

Right. So now Bubblews is not a source of income (no, the payment I was promised on October 18 hasn't arrived, any more than the one I was promised on whatever day it was in August). Now Bubblews is purely a way to advertise my "Blog, 'Zine, and Bookstore"...which can't buy very many articles, but will never offer less than $5 for a decent-quality article and will never display an article before payment has been sent to the writer.

We buy informative, unusual articles...the kind people used to submit to good-quality magazines, or the kind people still write for credit at good-quality schools, but please make sure any previously published or graded material has been fully revised and updated before sending it to us. We accept publicity from or about politicians without payment. We accept payment for displaying advertisements for products or services.