Sunday, May 31, 2015

Link Log for May 31

Not many links today; I've spent most of the day uploading last summer's book reviews from the world's slowest laptop computer. Nevertheless. Today's Categories: Animals, History, Object Perversity, Plants.


Valentino needs a better dog harness...or a firmer sense of how to stay close to his human's heel.


Vince Staten shares maps of Kingsport, Tennessee, from 1943:

Object Perversity 

Do you feel mortified, or some other way, when atmospheric vibrations and/or vibrations in your house cause something that's standing still, untouched, to fall over?


Thanks to Elizabeth Barrette for sharing the link to Zirconium's somewhat inspirational photo story of her tomato plants:

(Grandma Bonnie Peters has tomato blossoms already, but she started her tomatoes indoors, so they were more than a foot high when moved outside in mid-May.)