Thursday, May 28, 2015

Link Log for May 28

Another short Link Log, due to limited online time...Gentle Readers, I'd like to thank youall for supporting these Link Logs. This has been a very discouraging day; even one hour of working on this Link Log is restoring the cheerful mood in which I woke up, before I had to leave home.

Today's Categories: Animals, Etiquette, Health News, Philosophy, Politics, Random & Senseless Kindness, Science, Writing.


What happens to the antlers deer and elk shed? Here, thanks to Elizabeth Barrette, is a video for those who can watch it:


Alexander McCall-Smith writes about Scotland, and is favorably reviewed by a fellow Scot:


No question: a contest for drawings of the Muslim prophet Muhammad is rude, tacky, and tasteless, because nobody knows what he looked like and people who honor his memory don't draw pictures of him. But is it like using an obnoxious word, or is it like drawing offensive cartoons of other people?

Health News 

No question here, either: The best cure for nail fungus is not to get it. Expose your feet to light and air at every opportunity. Wear shoes and socks only when necessary. Bathe often. And keep your toes from being crushed.

Lamisil works if you start early, use a lot of it, don't happen to get serious side effects, and keep your feet clean and dry and healthy for the rest of your life.

Manuka honey, ditto.

Soaking your feet in rubbing alcohol, ditto.

Personally, I've used Lamisil for immediate relief and alcohol for maintenance, and since I wear shoes only when necessary, this regimen has served me well. But wouldn't it be cool if there was a treatment that would get rid of nail fungus and allow you to go back to wearing shoes and socks all day, at least while you're outdoors, without having to repeat the treatment every night for as long as you have your feet?


Does the sadistic motif in his Collected Poems keep you from enjoying Conrad Aiken? (Me, yes, it does.) Does his alcoholism affect your reading of Edgar Allan Poe? Does any aspect of his relationship with his deceased wife's unacknowledged sister affect your appreciation of Thomas Jefferson? How much do their politics affect your appreciation of Ezra Pound? What about Helen Keller? (Me, not so much.) Do you judge artists by their lives more than their work, or only by those aspects of their personal lives that are directly expressed in their public work? Weigh in on the discussion here:


Contributions from both Patricia Evans and Karen Bracken are here:


A young veteran with post-traumatic stress issues is assigned to a counsellor who triggers his memories? They're trying to punish the veteran, the counsellor, or both? This sounds just plain mean.

Random & Senseless Kindness 

Restaurant owner Eleni Fotidou wants to feed the hungry man rummaging in the garbage bin. And she said so in public. Does she know how many people in Virginia Beach are likely to run out of food in between paydays? For a start, count the number of sailors who have both dependent spouses and/or children, and drug or alcohol habits...quite a number there. What about the typical homeless? I don't know, but I'm told they have their share of those, due to the mild climate. So, maybe someone else is feeling charitable and wants to help Ms. Fotidou bear the burden she's just picked up?


Another experiment readers are encouraged to try at home. Don't ruin your point by exaggerating the results you get! "Cooking" by leaving food in a car in the sun is slow and unreliable, but it does work well enough convince people you know, in real life, not to leave children or pets in the car. (And, yes, breads will bake and meats will brown if they're wrapped in foil and left on the engine for a hundred miles or so. I wouldn't want to try cooking this place to drain the grease...but your car's engine gets as hot as your grill.)


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