Monday, May 11, 2015

Book Review: Fish Do the Strangest Things

Title: Fish Do the Strangest Things
Author: Leonora and Arthur Hornblow
Date: 1966
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: none; click here to see it on Amazon
Length: 60 pages
Illustrations: color drawings by Michael K. Frith
Quote: “Fishermen catch many strange fish. but one of the strangest fish of all does her own fishing.”
In addition to the Deep Sea Angler fish, the Hornblows also briefly discuss the quirks of the archerfish, shark, remora, lungfish, gar, catfish, salmon, grunion, eel, puffer, swordfish, flying fish, rays, sea horse, mudskipper, and wrasse. Primary school readers get just enough tasteful fun facts about each species to keep them coming back for another chapter.
Along with its companion volumes, Animals, Birds, and Insects Do the Strangest Things, this book was a huge success with kids who enjoy fun facts. The set would still make a great gift for any child lucky enough to be related to a book collector who can find a complete set. The drawings aren’t quite field-guide-quality, but are meant to help children recognize these creatures in real life.
The last page of Fish Do the Strangest Things contains the statement, “Men now think we, too, will be able to live under water some day.” We’ve not heard much about this theory in recent years, but kids who’ve enjoyed Fish Do the Strangest Things might enjoy the vintage videos of Jacques Cousteau.

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