Friday, June 19, 2015

A Few Quick Links...

Finally, for the first time this week, I'm able to read my e-mail. A few links just have to be shared...

For Christians

Higgs and friends answer the question affirmatively:

Lloyd Marcus stands with Franklin Graham. I might have filed the story of Billy Graham's son denouncing Wells Fargo Bank under "Meh..." if it hadn't happened to relate directly to the issue of injustice against widows. Not just in the sense that supporting same-sex marriage really means supporting discrimination against anyone who's not currently married, even if they were faithful until death did them part. Also in the sense that Wells Fargo happens to be the bank that specifically failed to respect my husband's wishes and my claim against my husband's ex-wife's blatant fraud. I am and will always be delighted to boycott Wells Fargo.

Me, Me, Me...

My personal update for today happens to be about the right link for the Persona Paper post for this month, so here it is:

News of the Weird

Earlier this week I wrote a guest post for an e-friend in Kentucky about nursing home abuse. Although the mention of this topic brings to my mind stories of things that I've seen or that close friends have seen firsthand, I did some research, anyway, about specific incidents in Kentucky. A source mentioned that sexual abuse really does happen, even to geriatric patients. I should only have seen this link from Dave Barry's news-of-the-weird blog...


This web site has always known we needed people to disagree with us, and with each other. How else could we have the mix of contributors we have? Jim Babka explains why you, too, need more e-friends who disagree with you about lots of things. Passionately, though not violently. Because it not only feels good, but it's useful to humankind, to work out what you do agree about. (There's a messy link to a specific, and probably temporary, page lurking behind the name of his main organization; if this specific link isn't working by the time you try it, should still connect you to Jim Babka.)

Downsize DC


This web site salutes a middle-aged veteran who's found it both necessary and possible to help a younger veteran eat properly.