Thursday, June 4, 2015

Link Log for June 3 and 4

It took about five hours for this computer, "The Sickly Snail," to process a post that would normally have taken about an hour, but here at last is the Link Log. Categories: Business, Christian, Gardening, Music, News of the Extremely Stupid, Politics,  Science, Writing.


Susan Cain describes how brilliant companies differ from ordinary companies:


Interesting reflections on people's understanding of God's Wisdom, with a (free) raffle for copies of a new book:


“Tidy up” Mint? Jack Welch's customer sounds a fox. (Foreign readers, that's an English idiom for behavior that appears to be stupid but is actually self-serving in some devious way.)


Here's the link that's taken me more than an hour, today and yesterday, to paste into this log. Because it's a photo collection. I believe it's a genuine, sincere effort to share/memorialize a souvenir collection some readers may enjoy. But it's images. Clear, detailed images. Lots of images. So you might want to make sure you're using a computer with enough memory to handle a lot of detailed images, unlike the one I'm using today, before opening this link.

News of the Extremely Stupid 

If you are able to "get off the grid" and meet your own needs for water, heat, energy, etc., one of the first results is that neighbors who are "on the grid" depend on you whenever things go wrong with "the grid." If your whole neighborhood is flooded, you can't help others, but in a more ordinary crisis--a power outage, a broken water pipe--you can, and you will. (How many people who were proud of their "all-electric homes" have warmed their hands over a wood fire at the Cat Sanctuary...) Here's a city judge who's determined that, in the event of any minor emergency, his jurisdiction will not have anywhere to go for help...


How much have we gained from the demise of the ironically named “Patriot Act”?


Elizabeth Barrette shares a link to new NASA space photos:


Writers Unite! For those whose computers are fully operational (unlike “The Sickly Snail” here), +Marsha Cooper is hosting another free link-up where you can publicize one of your online pieces and read those of other friendly writers.