Friday, June 19, 2015

Congressmen Hurt and Griffith Under Fire

Frequent contributors, U.S. Representatives Robert Hurt and Morgan Griffith are being challenged by frequent correspondents Patricia Evans and Rick Buchanan. This is political enough that it probably belongs on Freedom Connector, but with Matt Kibbe stepping down, I don't know...maybe it needs to go here, too. It's part of U.S. history, anyway.

Rick Buchanan
The Virginia Vision PAC Calls on All Principled Conservatives to Challenge Three Virginia Representatives.  Congressional Representatives Scott Rigell (2nd),  Robert Hurt 5th),  and Barbara Comstock (10th) Cast a Major Vote Against Republican Values.

It is time to begin a search for potential Conservative Republican candidates to challenge these Representatives in the 2016 election cycle. Individuals who have interest in running for office in these districts may contact our PAC at 571-278-9862.  We stand ready to assist.

WARRENTON, VIRGINIA – June 15, 2015.

The Virginia Vision PAC is calling attention to the above named candidates because of their support for the recent vote for the Trade Bill that would give President Obama fast track authority to negotiate trade deals with 12 Pacific Rim nations.

Why would any Republican trust Mr. Obama with substantive trade legislation at this juncture in his remaining presidential term?  Even if one ignores the fact the American public has not seen the contents of the bill, President Obama has proved time and time again that lying and deception is standard operating procedure for his administration.  In our opinion Republicans should avoid any cooperation with this president.

In the words of Larry Summers, Secretary of the Treasury in the Clinton Administration, "The repudiation of the TPP would neuter the U.S. presidency for the next 19 months." After the track record established by our President, all Republican Representatives should be standing up against any bill that would give this President more power over the legislative branch.

We deserve better representation from our elected Republican Congressional Representatives.  Every Republican elected official campaigned as a Conservative Republican, yet, as can be seen with failing scores they are no different from the Democrats with the same Liberty grade. Voting records can be found at and 


[Graphic, in which Congressman Dave Brat is awarded an "A" by this organization, Congressmen Hurt and Griffith get a "D," and most of Virginia's other members of the House of Representatives get an "F."]

"Individuals who have interest in running for office in these districts may contact our PAC at 571-278-9862. We stand ready to assist.

About The Virginia Vision PAC

The Virginia Vision PAC was formed to hold our elected officials accountable to the voters who elected them.  The PAC is concerned that Republican voters allow candidates to campaign as conservatives, but once elected decide to ignore their constituents and vote contrary to the voter’s wishes.  This occurs at both the Federal and State level and should not be tolerated.  The country is at risk in adopting the socialist agenda of the left and it is unacceptable for our elected Republican officials to aid and abet the leftist agenda.   The Virginia Vision PAC is focused on supporting and electing principled conservative candidates that will vote in harmony with their campaign promises. 
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