Friday, June 26, 2015

Confessing the ABCs

It's a meme! I was starting to think that species had gone extinct. Here, because her Q post cheered me up at an earlier, wearier time this afternoon, and because her blog is relatively simple, are my answers to the meme +Sandy KS shared at I want to do this one in combination with Grandma Bonnie Peters in order to help readers tell us apart:

A: Age
PK: 51
GBP: 80

B: Biggest Fear:
PK: The Apocalypse
GBP: (Didn't admit any. Changed the subject to my hair. I say it might well be...) Giving somebody a bad haircut.

C: Current time: 6:45 p.m.

D: Drink you last had
PK: Mountain Dew
GBP: Water

E: Easiest person to talk to
PK: My husband, while living
GBP: Have no trouble talking to anybody. A motor mouth.

F: Favorite song
PK: Too many to pick just one. To sing in church, "Ein' Feste Burg." To sing at a folk song gathering, "Wildwood Flower." To sing at a gospel gathering, "The Blood." To sing at a shape-note singing event, "Soar Away." Or maybe I'd really rather listen to other people's favorites anyway.
GBP: "He Lives" (gospel song)

G: Grossest memory
PK: Norovirus. (For the record, Sandy, I don't think a healthy animal birth process is gross at all. That's OK though. I'd rather not know what was gross about the one you mentioned. There are enough gross-outs in the political news!)
GBP: (She didn't want to pick one. I mentioned a skin infection about ten years ago that has left scars. She said, "That's not the grossest one." We agreed that it was the grossest one we'd discuss here.)

H: home town
PK: Gate City, Virginia
GBP: Monument, Indiana (town no longer on the map; flooded by the TVA). Some would say Fort Wayne.

I: In love with
PK: The famous Significant Other, Mr. Privacy
GBP: "We're all supposed to be in love with Jesus. What's that scripture? Leave everything and follow Me." (She actually walked over to the bookshelf, got a Bible, and looked up Luke 18:29.)

J: Jealous of
PK: Mr. Privacy of course.
GBP: (denies being either jealous or envious of anybody)

K: Killed someone?
PK: No one human. Lots of nuisance insects. A copperhead (venomous snake), once. Dying animals.
GBP: Hit a dog ran out between parked cars. (She's not counting small, cold-blooded animals. I've seen her kill those.)

L: Longest relationship
PK: Married almost ten years
GBP: Married 37 years

M: Middle name
PK: No middle name
GBP: [middle name withheld by site policy]

N: Number of siblings
PK: Two living sisters, same age, different colors
GBP: One sister (would be 93 if living)

O: One wish
PK: How does it go? To see my great-grandchildren eating off golden plates?
GBP: In the Resurrection, to see Jesus

P: Person you last called
PK: A car pool
GBP: A neighbor

Q: Question you are always asked
PK: "Are you married? Going steady?" Apparently I don't look like the celibate type, but I am.
GBP: "Do you really walk to the post office?"

R: Reason to smile
PK: Thought of something cute/clever/funny to blog about
GBP: (Other than that, yes, she does walk to the post office, I said.) In good health and looking forward to the coming of the Lord!

S: Song you last sang
PK: Hard to remember. I seldom sing when the weather is humid and my sinuses clog; usually in dry weather. It's been a humid week!
GBP: "Our God Is an Awesome God" (GBP sings in the choir at the Seventh-Day Adventist church and also, by invitation, at the Presbyterian church.)

T: Time you woke up
PK: 5:50 a.m.
GBP: 6 a.m.

U: Ultimate friend
PK: My modem-free computer at home
GBP: Jesus

V: Vacation destination
PK: Home. I've outgrown the urge to travel.
GBP: Well, (relative) thinks a vacation destination ought to be Branson! (Missouri.)

W: Worst habit
PK: Staying up late when I want to get up early
GBP: Oh I've forgotten! (Chortles. I nominate preaching.)

X: X-ray
PK: Molars
GBP: Broken wrist

Y: Yummy food
PK: Sun-ripened strawberry washed under the garden hose
GBP: Stir-fried veg

Z: Zodiac sign
PK: Whatever. (Priscilla King was born into cyberspace in June 2005, "about 40," and was surprised, some years later, to find that according to the identity data set up for her on Yahoo she'd been born in January 1964. This is currently complicating one of my e-jobs as a hostess at a "seniors" web site; Priscilla King is a very junior "senior," at 51, thus eligible for the job in cyberspace, and I certainly needed the money, but the real-world body PK inhabits is still a few weeks under age 50, thus ineligible to do the job at a physical site where it might be helpful to real seniors.)
GBP: I remember it was "on the cusp."

At this point, for some reason GBP felt motivated to show me her favorite photo (snapshot of a young man who's now in high school, as an infant) and favorite greeting card (it says "You're the best Grandma on Earth," and was printed by the best Grandson called Joshua Namewithheld on Earth, too). I don't know that anybody had asked, but if youall are getting to know her, you probably should know that her grandchildren are her favorite people.