Monday, June 8, 2015

Link Log for June 8


Blogger frustration levels remain high as I'm still trying to work with this little old laptop, which a client has named “The Sickly Snail.” Youall already know that Scott Adams usually posts intriguing ideas for discussion. He's posted one today. This computer cannot deal with the sophisticated software at his web site. You probably don't know that there's a nice family-friendly post about toys at Nice blog...for and by guys...lots of pictures. This computer has a very hard time uploading pictures. I'm not asking it to contend with vicious sites like The Blaze, The Huffington Post, or, but this computer is so “old” and slow and low on memory that it can't even upload blurry little flower pictures from my own phone. I'm sure the Sickly Snail is not making this Link Log as boring for youall to read as it is for me to myself, too, I apologize. It's taken five hours to assemble this Link Log.

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Do dogs wish for things? Valentino might...


Do you have or need a roommate? What makes a person a good roommate? Are you one?

Most readers of this web site probably grew up reading The Waste Makers (yes, I read it in grade five) and rejecting the twentieth century marketing concept of “planned obsolescence,” or rejecting things, places, even people in favor of “the latest model.” Like the car shown here. Little did the owner of this car realize, when he discarded it, that “antique” car shows are a major tourist attraction in my home town today. The older the car, the more miles on it, and the more bizarre it looks, the better. Anybody who could get an engine into this clunker and drive it across town would probably win a prize.


This year's phenology story continues to be about how cold weather late in winter affects the “signs of spring/summer” across the Eastern States. In Kingsport, Tennessee (ten miles away but at a lower altitude), privet and honeysuckle have fairly well stopped blooming. At the Cat Sanctuary, privet is still just budding. And Elizabeth Barrette reports that in Illinois killdeer still have nests on the ground... around here, the young ones would be flying by now.


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