Sunday, August 9, 2015

Editorial Comment on Senator Kaine's Newsletter

Posted separately from the newsletter so it'll show up on LJ and Twitter; the text of Senator Kaine's Newsletter appears below this post on the Blogspot.
Local warming is a fact. Regular readers may remember this web site inviting them to test its effects near them. It's what's kept Kingsport, Tennessee, hotter than Gate City, Virginia (ten miles away), and Washington, D.C., hotter than Takoma Park, Maryland, or Alexandria, Virginia (five miles away). It's why temperatures in Baghdad were too high to be accurately measured on household thermometers, as shown in that photo to which we linked here, while temperatures out in the desert were "only" about 120 degrees Fahrenheit last week. 
The burning of fossil fuels--both their emissions into the air, and the heat generated by motors and machines that burn them--is the biggest single cause of local warming. Nobody's debating that. So, regardless of your opinion on global warming, the Senator is on the side where the facts are; no bashing, please. And please do what you can to reduce your personal use of motor vehicles in cities. 
I'll be walking home from work again as soon as my slightly sprained left foot will let me--walked almost a mile in town yesterday, walked out to the highway to catch a ride without a cane this morning, and expect to be walking normally next week. Yes, this is about reducing my contribution to local warming.