Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Link Log for August 19

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My belated Black Cat Appreciation Day post...

These rich and beautiful lady-cats get choices my cats have never had. Cat Sanctuary residents have told me, clearly and unanimously, that exactly two things packaged as cat food that sponsors sent them, in 2006 and in 2009, were unfit for cat consumption. (Lucky days for the possums.) Otherwise, they usually get whatever brand of dry kibble somebody found on sale at a discount department store, for breakfast, and whatever version of chicken, fish, or turkey with rice I've cooked for dinner...and they like it. They're so far from being picky that Ivy, like her mother Bisquit, will actually eat cow's milk products even though she must have noticed by now that she has nasty reactions afterward. I've had to warn a sponsor not to bring us milk. (Many cats are lactose-intolerant, and unfortunately most of them don't understand that they are.)

Citizen Fights Crime 

Another one of nice that this Link Log is not going on the site with the contract that bans any mention of firearms. This web site particularly likes the gentleman's care not to shoot the criminal in the back.


"We are all parents" was the headline in the e-mail. How ridiculous, I thought, opening it in search of a laugh. But the content is serious: we all do support parental rights, even if we're grandparents...

or never were, or never will be, parents.{2D3EE30A-76DE-4BB9-9C54-88BFA1B1CAA9}

Here's a corrective for bloggers! Actually, Dr. Allen, I'm sure many reporters can plead poverty. Sponsors don't say, "Here's a day's wages and a train ticket, now go to the university library and investigate this medical study." Well, George Peters used to say that to me, but he was a rare gem of a sponsor. Normally they say, "Here's two dollars and the reported results of a medical study that sounds cute and catchy, now write a bit of fluff about it that fits into this amount of space, preferably before lunch." I spend my mornings writing bits of fluff at one, two, three, five, eight, and ten-dollar rates. Which is better than blogging for publicity alone, or chatting for pennies...but there's just no way it can pay for professional-quality research.


Basics a few young men apparently missed learning from their fathers...Earlier today I saw a comment from a young man about whether or not he should stand next to a "taller, handsomer, richer" guy when trying to impress girls. Guys. Please. Whether you're a teenage boy trying to impress teenage girls, or a man trying to impress women...if you like and respect her, and your manners show that, you are more attractive (to many of us) than someone who is taller, handsomer, richer, and able to bench-press more weights, and driving a Porsche, but also conceited.

Fashion Statement 

Dr. John McDougall, a naturopath who recommends a vegan diet to correct several disease conditions, endorses these T-shirts for vegans. (I intended to gank the middle one, which your computer may display as the one on the right, as being the best photographed; if you click on the link you should see an adult's, child's, and toddler "onesies" sample.)

Starchivore Apparel - Half Off Sale

Good News 

Looks like youall did it...those who signed his petition and otherwise helped Steve Mack.

And, for friends of Grace Ellen:

Least Competent Criminals 

This scam artist exploited Turbo Tax flaws to get a bigger refund. Duh...when you use Turbo Tax you're telling law enforcement where to find you...


Mack Stetson tells it like it is.

(One of those horrible chores that are better done now than put off forever the way you'd like to...If you want to make sure you are or are not kept on life support, if you ever get into a vegetative condition, ask your lawyer how to make your directives in the matter clear. Anyone who was not involved in the decision is likely to quarrel about it. In Virginia it's a good idea to assemble parents, children, spouses, a few cousins to be on the safe side, your lawyer, and a notary public while you read your official statement aloud on video.)


Congressman Louis Stokes of Ohio, age 90.


The trouble with this Newsmax poll is that, like primary elections in some states (er-herm!), it allows people to cast votes for a Republican presidential nominee while planning to vote against him/her in the actual election. I'd expect a substantial percentage of Democrats to be voting for Bogus-As-His-Hair. However, if you like a serious candidate yet, here's a chance to say so:

I like Rand Paul; I like this short summary by his father. (Not wanting to be part of a "warfare state" is a different thing from wanting to maintain a strong national defense. This web site has no foreign policy, but this web site does note, admiringly, that bigger, richer countries with bigger military budgets seem almost to have respected Switzerland for hundreds of years.)

I like what I'm hearing about Carly Fiorina, too...I didn't intend to retweet the Blaze story, but it's nice to see that some people have enough clout that Yelp doesn't hide their honest reviews.

Politics of Race

The position of this web site is that neither Planned Parenthood, nor Mountain Empire Older Citizens, nor the Salvation Army, nor any organization of people who were not elected by a popular vote and who ask people for donations, should receive any public funding. Organizations should be public or private and, either way, it should be easy for anyone to pinpoint who is responsible when anything goes wrong. An organization like the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority should be public. An organization like Planned Parenthood should be private.

The link below opens a video clip of a talking head. I hate those little blighters. I can't listen to it, myself. I know some of you want the added information you get from hearing the intonation of Dr. Carson's voice; without having previewed the text of what he says, I can't say how important that information may be. I don't know exactly what he says. I am taking it on faith that he says, somewhere in the clip, that P.P. is racist. And I want all defensive White people to "hear" a legally White person saying that, historically, it was; you can find quotes from Margaret Sanger and friends about the horrible threat to Western Civilization presented by those nasty ethnic-minority types breeding like rabbits. I own some of the books; make a donation to support this blog via, I'll go home and look up the references.

That said, I believe P.P.'s (and fully tax-funded social workers') tendency to recommend abortion to young women of color, today, represents elitism rather than racism. The line between the two is both fine and blurry, but I believe, based on what I hear young women saying in a part of the world where the poorest young women are often the palest White ones, that the assumption that a girl couldn't possibly rear a child is calculated more on the basis of income than on the basis of color.