Thursday, August 27, 2015

Link Log for August 26

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+Sandy KS celebrates National Dog Day:

Peter Streep has chickens in Spain:


Although I have no immediate plans to sell my own set of Narnia books, you can order them through salolianigodagewi @ yahoo at the usual rate. (Not as Fair Trade Books, of course.) Here's a review of volume six in order of publication, volume one in the story sequence:


Some computers I use just flat-out refuse to open the web site linked below. This one opened it with many delays that showed why: too many annoying, information-ganking ads pop up. So read it at your own risk. As an alternative, you might look for an old copy of Child Abuse in the Classroom and discuss with middle school students why they shouldn't answer personal questions at school.

Now, what about those sticky-crumby cookies that try to gank information about what kind of computer you own and whether you shop online and, if so, what you buy? How very ironic to see a warning about invasive surveys coming from a site that behaves as if it's cookie-infested...

Politically Incorrect Question 

If the full-time professional knicker-twisters want to blame the Confederate flag for the Charleston church shooting, what symbol of homosexual "pride" should they blame for today's murders? (Me? I blame the drugs people who do these things almost always turn out to have been taking...and, because most of the drugs in this category are legal, the commercial media don't want to mention them.)


Some of our correspondents seem to have either short memories, or strong residual loyalties to the Democratic Party. This article was forwarded with comments suggesting that a "plot" to prevent a spoiler campaign, like Ross Perot's in 1992, was a plot against a candidate, personally. Although I'm not one of them, I've heard that there are enough people who hate Bogus-As-His-Hair that that might even be possible. Some women persist in saying that men who lie to women will also lie to men; some of those women are Republicans. But I'll accept the idea that the "plot" is intended to prevent spoiler candidates from using sympathy within a party, not necessarily BAHH more than Rand Paul (who actually has a third party to fall back on), to sabotage that party later in an election, not necessarily this one. And the rule, if adopted, could also work for Democrats who have enough sense not to back Sanders.

Republican primary election rules report link

There are things this web site likes about Bernie Sanders. One of them is that he admits he's a Socialist rather than a Democrat. Not that this web site thinks a Socialist can represent much of any electoral district in these United States...but we appreciate Sanders' honesty.