Thursday, August 27, 2015

Link Log for August 27

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"Where are the book reviews?" someone might ask. Answer:

For as long as Blogjob continues paying for two blog posts a day, the book review and one other full-length post will be appearing there. It's an interesting system, an improvement over some other general blog-and-social sites some correspondents and I have been using. You get paid for anything within some reasonable limits, but only so much of it per day; it takes several days of steady work to earn money. Also, the system seems to enforce a strict standard of peer reviewing: you don't have to please any specific editor or sponsor or community, you can write for your own readers, but if you don't write things some people rate higher than they rate other professional bloggers' blogs, you will not have readers. So this blog site is definitely not for some Bubblews "bloggers"--they know who they are. If you are a committed, professional-quality blogger with regular readers, feel free to click here and join our new blog community:


Beth Ann Chiles shares an art walk in Iowa.


I actually opened this link right after closing one that's under "Human Rights" below; my comment, if you scroll down to it, reflects what was on my mind.


Stephen Moore of the Washington Times rants about why he can't get a loan on a more overpriced house in Potomac, Maryland. I wouldn't live in Potomac if someone gave me the house, and think anyone who buys a house there deserves it, but to each his own. Anyway, although I'm sharing the link, I wholeheartedly recommend that you track down this story on paper, Gentle Readers. The Washington Times web site is as brutal on browsers as NYTimes used to be. It's a sad day when Washingtonians can't do things more nicely than New Yorkers. Do not click on this link. Use it for reference only.!

Personal trainers are going through the same attack from protectionist competitors these days that massage therapists went through ten years ago. I sympathize. What Logan Albright might have overlooked is that the good ones aren't the ones who need the protectionist regulations. The ones who have been in the field for a while, have never been sued, and work mostly with regular clients are the ones who are delighted to train and recommend other trainers, or masseuses, or whatever other independent professionals are involved in this kind of thing. Then there are the ones who worry about competition.

Human Rights 

Our Syrian refugees are the tip of an iceberg, Gentle Readers.

Etc. Etc. Etc. I picked the JKR link because everybody's interested in her, not because there's any lack of Huffington Post or Reuters stories like the ickier link above. Not that I'm asking anybody to subject their computer to the Huffington Post, although I did manage to open it and find that it's not as hard on browsers as it used to be. But let's say this to the people who are concerned about hordes of destitute immigrants etc. etc. The position of this web site is that the way to avoid having a bloated government bungle a job is to do the job. (Ross Perot was a spoiler candidate but he was right about that.) Or, people who are feeding and/or lodging refugees are in the best position to make sure that "their" refugees go home as soon as Real Muslims um...dealt with the blasphemous thugs of ISIS as prescribed by the Koran. I'm not earning enough from hack writing to feed another human; I can offer a family floor-mat space--no treat in winter, but better than a truck trailer. As far as I'm concerned, Syrians sound easier to put up with than Africans, in a general way, but the questions are whether they're certified disease-free and speak English--who cares what they look like. What about you?

Kid Stuff 

"Construction toys for girls"? Looks a lot like the paper dolls I used to play with, only painted on wood. I'd be interested in knowing how the little girls youall know react to this.


Kimberly Brown explains exactly why she likes a song you might or might want to hear:


How Obamacare is really working--not.


One of the historic lighthouses of North Carolina: