Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Why "Gun Violence Tax" Is Likely to Be a Bad Idea

This web site is neither in nor of Seattle, and doesn't know whom that city is trying to encourage to leave, or why...but this web site can testify that gun dealers are a valuable part of our community. So, here's a comment on the following news story reported by Liz Klimas:


Running any legitimate, tax-paying business out of a city is a bad idea economically. And, because they're already over-regulated, gun dealers are likely to be very conscientious taxpayers.

However, for those who think that selling guns shouldn't be considered a legitimate business, because you failed to read this web site's discussion back in June of why Christian homes do need firearms...here are some reasons why legitimate gun dealers are good neighbors:

1. Legitimate gun dealers tend to rely on other things beside gun sales for everyday income. As noted in June, our local Gun & Pawn stores make a good share of their money from secondhand stuff--which is what Bud, Gilbert, or their helpers are likely to encourage people to buy. They are much more likely to check the story of how valuable items came to be for sale secondhand than a consignment store or even a charity store would be. Investigating the source of secondhand baby clothes, paperback novels, or used furniture is rarely profitable for law enforcement. Investigating the source of secondhand guns, jewelry, or TV sets often pays off for law enforcement. Every gun (and every diamond ring) that comes into these stores is checked against a list of objects reported stolen.

2. Legitimate gun dealers who stay legitimate and stay in business know their market. They're likely to market firearms safety classes. If they suspect that an individual should do something completely different from buying a gun, they're likely to recommend that too--whether it's pepper spray, karate lessons, a burglar alarm, or counselling. Prudent gun dealers, like the one near where I used to live in Maryland, actually host the safety classes and have a financial reason to require first-time firearms purchasers to take them.

3. Legitimate gun dealers aren't and don't have to be "narcs." They are watched, so those who visit their stores are also watched, by the police. Enough said.