Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Link Log for August 5

Right. Back to normal. More work, less linking. However...Categories: Animals, Books, Food, Fun Stuff, History, Men (Clueless; and some Clueless Young Women too), Men (Real), Phenology, Poem, Politics.


Close-ups of a preadolescent robin:

Dogs at play:


Memorial tribute to an author and his book, which I've not read but now wish I had:

Different type of book...gear-grinding alert. For those who've read Robert Wilson's Affinities, here's an official safe space to discuss what seems to be a very thought-provoking novel:


This post is actually just a restaurant review, but see if the image of those authentic, minimalist tacos doesn't give you tasty ideas.

Fun Stuff 

It's a messy web page with too many graphics, but if your browser can handle it, here's a tutorial on fun things to do on a hot summer day.


All news from the Middle East should be this pleasant to read.

Men, Clueless, Some of Them Really Are 

"I'm close to my wife, so pregnancy is a men's issue"? He just doesn't get it. Pregnancy will become a man's issue when a man becomes pregnant.

Young women, ditto...these women who claim overcooled offices are "sexist" have obviously never had a hot flash. Thing is, although I've reached an age where I'm expected to have hot flashes, I've always had a high metabolism and tended to overheat; if anything I'm slowing down a tiny bit, finally, at fifty. And my husband (who took blood pressure medication) was the Disgrace to Canada who put on a sweater when the thermometer was reading 70 degrees. I think disagreements about temperature are very individual things. But they're still a valid reason why corporations should limit their offices to a size at which everyone who has to be in the office all day, including temps and teenaged interns, has a separate door and window. And why most office workers should be working from home.

Men, Real 

Billy Hallowell links to an interview with some of "The 33" men who were trapped in a mine in Chile for two months. While the movie will be billed as "drama," miner Luis Urzua tells his story as a story of faith:


In scenic New York, people are takin' it easy...

In southern California, fires continue to rage...and a Real Californian thinks, "This would make a great movie." Video is on Youtube; a selection of still shots is here:

While in some other places...(Yes, this is another unlinkable graphic from the +Allen West Republic .)


Elizabeth Barrette celebrates roots:


Language Log has fun with one of Donald Trump's sentences:

Virginia readers, Patricia Evans forwarded an invitation from John Hagee to rally at Senator Kaine's town hall meetings...some of which will be held in places that don't actually have a town hall. No member of this web site has firm plans to go to Norton on Friday morning. If any local lurkers are going and have empty car/van seats to fill, I might go along. But this meeting is supposed to focus on Foreign Policy; those who've been following the "Nuclear Iran" story have more to contribute than I would.

She also shared this article by John Perazzo. He explains some things that this web site has (thanks to Patricia Evans, Karen Bracken, Mark Levin et al.) been discussing for years...but his perspective is not mine. He's richer, probably older; he's not necessarily Whiter than I am but he identified more fully with the White side in the color wars of our youth. I'd like to warn everybody that making the argument he makes will make you sound either racist (which you probably aren't) or elitist (which most North Americans are, and Perazzo certainly appears to be). Yes, the idea of packing government with left-wingers by merely encouraging "Blacks & Hispanics" to move into certain neighborhoods is profoundly racist. Yes, the idea of luring the welfare-dependent kind of "Blacks & Hispanics," specifically, by offering them disgusting, slummy subsidized housing is racist--and hateful; if you're going to offer families housing, even the greedhead coal mine and cotton mill operators, a hundred years ago, at least offered them real houses, usually with vegetable gardens. And yes, panicking about "Blacks & Hispanics" in your neighborhood is, at best, fighting these very bad ideas on their own level.

If Obamazoning can be defeated, it'll be defeated by fiscal conservatives actively reaching out to "Blacks & Hispanics" (and other minority-type people). Fight against the elitist habits of thinking our culture has instilled into all of us. Find common ground with likeminded people of different ethnic types--yes, there is some. The culture of welfare-cheating on which Obamazoning relies has done as horrible things to Anglo-American families as it has to other kinds; find, and actively encourage, blue-collar families who want to break the handout habit.

Anyway, I agree that Perazzo's written a good, negative explanation of Obamazoning. Read it if you need that, then let's work on a good, positive resistance.