Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Link Log for August 11

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Diesel the headbanger is a different kind of English bulldog. When I started watching this video I thought "Poor fellow, I wonder how he got stuck to that box?" As the video plays, the answer becomes clear...on purpose!


One for the Wish List:

+Theresa Wiza encourages a fellow cancer survivor who writes about lust...apparently a very adult book, though more about "lust for life," zest, optimism, than about the Deadly Sin.


Janestarz knits distinctive, inspiring socks:

Puteri Hana draws colorful girl-power cartoons:

Cyberspace News 

I had a chance to write this report earlier today, for a foreign site, and passed it by. Oliver Hardy presents the story to the U.S.


+Sandy KS shares a report of extreme tackiness in Virginia. There's a perception that this sort of thing is typical in the Southern States. I want to set the record straight on that. It is not typical in Virginia. In fact I find myself wondering whether (1) this is a recent, accurate report, and (2) if it happened within the last fifty years, the tacky woman was even from Virginia.

No Real Virginia Lady would be so, well, tacky if she didn't like a particular employee at a store with which she did business. If she's the modern upstart Yankee-friendly brash and outspoken type, like me, she might tell the employee right to his face what she disliked about him (and in that case, of course, it'd be something he could do something about, not the way he looked--that's unpardonable in my book). If she's the more traditional, softer-spoken, sometimes more dangerous type, she might just take her business to another store. Or there are other things she could do. Like hiring her own driver and sending him to the store, or standing out on her front steps and telling the store's driver to leave the delivery on the steps. Hiring her own driver would be the classiest move, hands down.

But it's hard to parse calling a store and basically saying "I want to buy something from youall but I don't trust you to pick a delivery driver--I have no honest complaint to make that might motivate youall to replace a driver that I don't trust in my home, I just want to make one or more enemies among your staff!" That's not only tacky and rude; it's stupid.


The nice kind of cookies...well, they're not sugar-free or gluten-free, but they're nice.

Health News 

Could chickenpox vaccinations increase the risk of shingles? Is re-exposure to chickenpox actually protecting adults from shingles?


+Alex Bellos attacks the pentagon...the geometric figure, itself. Beautiful page for artists to visit.


Norb Leahy pointed out yesterday that, although a certain self-nominated presidential candidate may not be electable, he may also have some uses within the Republican Party. This could also be said for Bernie Sanders, I think. Although less electable than Hillary Rodham Clinton or even Joe Biden, he's giving the Lunatic Left Fringe the feeling that the Democrats care about them, and making Clinton and Biden look modest and reasonable...

Further opinions about who won the debate...surprise me. I had started to expect that different viewers of a debate among ten people would be saying as many as ten of them won! But check out the consensus here. Yes, this is the way this web site's correspondence has gone. They're not expecting it to predict who will win the actual election, but either Fiorina or Carson, probably Fiorina, won the debate.

If the circumstances of his birth don't create a problem, and if Dr. Carson decides to replace him in the Senate rather than run for President, this web site could support Senator Cruz.

On a more general note, +Lyn Lomasi presents this article by Jaipi Sixbear:

And +Jeff Sullivan has an important reminder (I can't find a permanent link to the post, but it's currently at or near the top of his Google + page, linked) to those who blame the E.P.A. for being, currently, a tool for the implementation of "Agenda 21" or whatever the latest version of that is called. We do need environmental protection. Arguably it might be better done by states, localities, or private organizations, but it does need to be done.


The writer/artist known as SARK, Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy, contemplates possibly joining me in the Cancer Widows' Club...a nice club, but one united by the hope of keeping our membership low. Stay out, SARK. Prayers. Blessings.


Jordy Nelson explains the difference between work and play.

Earlier this year, Scott Adams had some hard words for parents who encourage teen athletes to compete in the Olympics in Rio. Here's the evidence backing his position:

Washington, D.C. 

Another case of heat-related brain damage?


Tip from Jerry Jenkins: