Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Link Log for August 18

Belatedly, with apologies...Categories: Animals, Education, Funny, and one link that might be classified as either Politics or Thank a Soldier.


Grecy Garcia seems to be writing from a Cat & Dog Sanctuary in the Philippines:

Unlovable animals...I really wonder whether ticks would be missed if they went extinct.


Any parent should always be able to find out, firsthand, what's going on in his or her child's classroom. Would video cameras make it less distracting for parents to supervise their children's education?


Everybody in cyberspace thinks this news story is ridiculous. You have undoubtedly seen it. But you might not have seen Dave Barry's commentary.

Funny but true:

Do women really like science fiction, or do they only pretend they do to attract attention from, er um, teenage sf geeks? Well, I'm showing my age here, but I like my age...women my age were not, by and large, interested in teenage sf geeks. But some of us were interested in Leonard Nimoy, in Harrison Ford, and some of the other interesting bodies cast in sf movies. Enough to sit through those silly guy-oriented movies, even. Like duh!

(Science fiction written by, for, about women is another matter. A lot of women liked Anne McCaffrey. Then there's science fiction written by, for, about comedy lovers, which is where I came in...I liked Douglas Adams and Piers Anthony myself.)

Politics, or Thank a Soldier?

Which category does this thought fit into? If Hillary Rodham Clinton were a Marine...ain't no way. Granted she's almost 70 years old, and nobody expects people that age to do anything Marines do. Nevertheless. (Right. That was my comment. Now the article gets serious.)