Friday, April 15, 2016

April 15 Links and Updates

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Fresh, seasonal, cute dog photo:

Civil Liberties

School tries to ban Christian family from organizing lunch event for campus?!

And some people want to ban machetes...oh, why not ban all hand-held garden tools? I'm sure the companies that sell big, heavy, wasteful, noisy machines that women hate to operate (because they're designed to work against bodies our size, apart from being heavy, noisy, and wasteful) will be thrilled by the news that shovels and hoes have been used to commit murders too.

(Warning: this is an annoying web site, apart from having a naughty name.)


Did you even know you could buy fabric with a print just for Elvis fans?

Discouraging Stuff

Somebody Googled this post, after all these years. What d'you know? Nothing has changed. That's why I am not blogging more.

Now some discouragement for gardeners...I'm not seeing oleanders on this list. When I think of the suburban gardens of California, I think of oleanders. They are beautiful native flowers, so toxic that a child reportedly died just from licking her hands after handling them. And when I read that the list came from California, I wonder whether oleanders have been banned by law from gardens there. (I don't think they should be. I think children need to learn to respect nature, including toxic plants.)

Encouraging Stuff

Welcome to Blogjob, +Coral Levang !

+Sandy KS shares joyful J-words:

Fun Stuff

It's always fun to try to figure out why sites (other than search and spam sites) refer traffic here. For this martial arts site...could it be the turtle? (I've not studied martial arts myself, but like the emphasis on evading conflict first and choosing the least violent method of defense...and anything that motivates people to exercise is good.)

For those who have one or more very, very weird friends...did you know you can hire a creepy stalker clown to "target" a friend with a birthday cake?

Phenology Links

My irises aren't blooming yet; it's been a slow spring, with delightfully cool nights to discourage insects and encourage puttering around the house and yard. Here's an iris from Ohio...

Here's a California flower...

And a California lake...