Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April 19 Link Log

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Before "teddy bear" became a cliche, Teddy Bear had competition from Billy Possum...
E-friends who've missed Sheryl Young should find this site congenial.
Another McDougall ten-day vacation, for those who stand to save money by investing $6000. (And I guarantee--although most of us can learn what we need to know about following the McDougall Plan by reading books that are widely available secondhand, a lot of people who need access to Medical Supervision in order to try a vegan diet are likely to save money by trying it that way.)
Political Correctness
He's right...
So who "likes" the #BankruptcyBillionnaire ? The majority of his Facebook followers aren't in the U.S. Well, that's good, because in the country where any random private citizen's identity is worth serious money to would-be immigrants, nobody should use Facebook, period. But there's more to the story than this. Click to find out who does "like" the Emperor of Bad Hair, and why.
Enough electioneering...here's real politics at work: zoning being used for the purpose of discrimination against a "less upscale" kind of business. I don't know whether personal, racial, or ethnic factors are involved here, but the bottom line is that when cities tolerate "zoning" they open the door for this kind of abuse. Here's a viable, taxpaying, legitimate business, being "zoned" out to make room for overinvestment in just one type of less sustainable business--which won't pay, in the long run. "Zones" of block after block of all restaurants, all motels, etc., were being tried in the 1960's. They did not succeed. They are not worth trying again. Cities need a good mix of practical and impractical, upscale and downscale, types of business that attract whole families--not badly "planned" wads of just one thing that, if it does attract Shopper A, will have Shopper B tugging at A's hand to get out of this "zone" fast. And if you drive into town to listen to a concert, and your car breaks down, a mechanic's garage is going to look a lot better than fifty different upscale cafes look to you. Elitism is as stupid as racism and sexism. The entire United States was meant to be a "Free Enterprise Zone" where people can do what they like, on and with their own property, as long as it's not doing others any harm.
Rude and raunchy--much raunchier than Cracked magazine ever used to print, back when I read it in supermarket checkout lines in the 1980's--but solid: much more solid than anything Cracked printed back when it was all cartoon movie parodies, too.
Welfare cheats have no reason to live. I can say this because I'm slow-dancing with starvation as I type, and yes, I would rather die as a woman than live as a maggot. Any day and twice on Sunday. It is, however, true that we tend to stereotype criminals...some welfare recipients who look able-bodied have legitimate, though less obvious, disabilities (the last one I saw this morning, now about 70, had her first open-heart surgery around age 40), and some people who may look wealthy (because they are) and able-bodied (because they are) have, in fact, become dependent on federal handouts...