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April 27 Link Log

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Will P.E.T.A. lunatics want to "liberate" your household pets from the misery of being part of your human family? Of course they will...if they're given a chance to babble about it. They appeal to clueless kids' love of animals, but the leaders of P.E.T.A., like those in H.S.U.S., don't actually like animals and are really more interested in establishing more bureaucratic tyranny over private individuals.

If you don't like pennyroyal, or don't like its "birth control benefits" for yourself or your pet, here's another way to repel fleas that may be healthier than chemicals. (It works on both dog and cat fleas, but it does not work fast enough if a real infestation has developed. If you want to use brewers yeast, start before the weather gets warmer.)


New books by "Joe Hill," Louise Erdrich, Tim McGraw, more:

Long overdue, and frankly not much fun to write...I had her blessing, years ago, to write the pre-funeral "tribute" part of it as a novel. Part of the angst of writing this memorial piece was the fact that I never finished or published the novel. It had good bits, but I'm a slow writer and kept wanting to revise and update it...

(Not the latest GAVSD book, but the most complete...if you've read the others and need only short summaries of the techniques discussed at length in them. The Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense was the first book that introduced and named the GAVSD system; You Can't Say That to Me was the one written as a "first book" on GAVSD with reader feedback.)


The yo-yo toy came after the yo-yo patchwork fad, shown here:


And people trust those who work at this company to make decisions about their medical care... (obnoxious ad cookies alert)

This one is just for Grandma Bonnie Peters, who hates those traffic "roundabouts" in Kingsport.


Correspondents in Fauquier County e-mailed me about showtimes for this new documentary movie there. Good news--it's showing in Bristol on the second of May. Local readers are hereby invited to invite me to join any car pool that may have room for one more. Nonlocal readers can look up showtimes and locations in their State at .


Bristol, Virginia

3004 Linden Drive, Bristol, VA 24202 US

(276) 669-2091


First the apology: Though Forbes is a respectable magazine, is a nasty web site, with lots of clutter and cookies and blatant invasions of privacy--in order to post comments from Google + users, they demand to be allowed to "manage the contacts" of those users! !!!!!

(Their "top comment" absolutely begs for a reply, and I know of no blogger who's better qualified than I am to write that reply--but, probably because the site's programmed to go into Snit Mode when denied permission to fill readers' e-mail with spam, the site's not posting the following comment:

"@Paul Mawer, I'm an independent writer. Last year I earned $1855 before deductions. Do I eat regularly or well? Can I afford to make badly needed repairs to my home? Of course not. But I have a home. And nice clothes. And (not nearly enough!) people who pay me for honest work. And although I would and do prefer being hungry to being an able-bodied welfare cheat, I also have a country that funds SSI pensions for those who need them (and for too many people who don't). So, yes, I consider myself better off than a beggar in Calcutta.
Then again...pen friends in Zambia would consider themselves lucky if they got up to $1855 for a year. They can't afford to pay cash for anything. They grow their own food on the riverbank or catch it in the river. They build their own houses. They seem to be, and feel themselves to be, much, much better off than a street hustler in Lusaka--or along Baltimore's Mile of Shame on Route 1 for that matter.
So, maybe there's some relativity about poverty in any country. All I can say for sure is, I'd rather be who I am, where I am, than go and live like those pen friends in Zambia." )


(What's the difference between Nature and Phenology? Phenology posts are dated, so they can be scientifically studied. Nature posts are just general information or, as in these cases, pretty pictures. Spring is inspiring a lot of people to share those.) (if you have time to scroll through lots of pretty pictures, check out her ABC of plant posts!)

Photo essay on loneliness:


Authentic tabouleh (everybody spells this word a different way) is made from wheat, but if you have good fresh veg, it works just as well with rice. Few people will even notice which one you've used.

Hmm. I, frankly, can't edit these veggie burgers into anything I could use...although, as mentioned in my comment, my cats would like them! But if you can eat wheat and cheese and would like a cheap and simple (lacto-)vegetarian veggie burger for lunch, you might consider these the cat's meow.

This one is not a recipe so much as a confession. I did this kind of thing in my twenties, when I ate wheat. I've done similar things, modified to use rice or rice-based pasta, as an adult. (Instead of cheese, I'd add a congenial vegetable, and/or substitute different vegetables for the tomato sauce. Then I eat the veg, most of the rice, and as much of whatever cheap chicken or turkey product I used as I feel like eating after the veg, and the cats get most of the meat and usually a bit of rice...and because it's human food, they love it. Sharing food is the basic inter-species bonding ritual.)


Just sayin'...


Some good points to consider here:

Anyone who's read some of the grotesqueries that were posted on Bubblews by people using translation software can relate to this writer's need to be extremely careful...but...

(Btw, if you're bilingual and want a real hoot, I suspect that reading the French or Russian edition of this blog would provide one. I didn't ask to be automatically translated into those languages and can neither turn off nor edit and . I'm fairly sure both blogs "read" as preposterous as some of those computer-translated Bubbles from Thailand...)