Wednesday, April 20, 2016

April 20 Link Log

So many food-related links came in today that I put them all in a separate post:

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Flint Update 

Warning: the first time I opened this window, an obnoxious full-screen ad popped up and had to be banished via Windows Task Manager.


How much harm are GMO's and glyphosate doing to bees?

How much good can raising their own organic vegetables potentially do for convicts?

(This prison doctor got all enthused about the idea, many years on the "copyrighted image" to buy a copy directly from the seller who posted it.)


This article is long and seems to ramble off its original topic at some length. It's recommended for that reason: the rambles summarize a lot of the basic facts about our economic system that I grew up hearing--at home--but that most U.S. citizens either didn't hear at all, or slept through, in grade ten. (For the record, the part of me that is Cherokee won't miss Andrew Jackson...but the whole of me that is American would rather wave bye-bye to Alexander Hamilton. Not that it matters. All ugly green pictures of Great Americans Long Departed are preferable to anything plastic.)


Susan Sarandon thinks Hillary Clinton's a Republican? Dinesh D'Souza shared this on Twitter with a comment that seemed cogent, though mean...until I remembered the Clinton Administration. What the Clintons got right, to the extent they got much of anything right, they owed to libertarian (though, in some views, evil) Alan Greenspan. Mrs. Clinton was not too old to have learned. And, of course, to those who think "Republican" is a euphemism for "rich elitist"...that Mrs. Clinton is, and has always been, even during her radical left-wing phase at Yale. She's tried to get over it, and I do appreciate her trying, but her elitism is like FDR's postpolio syndrome: she may get the wheelchair out of the photos but she'll never run a mile. Then again, she has that in common with at least 90% of all politicians, most definitely including Sanders... and it's most obnoxious at all on the #BankruptcyBillionnaire , because most elitists have at least tried to copy upper-class manners, themselves.

On the legislative side...has everyone tried reading "TPP" out loud? This web site wants you to share the thought.

Psychology, Abnormal

Or should I just say "bad"? I sign some, not all, A.C.L.U. petitions. I did not sign anything on behalf of this mixed-up kid. I've never sent the organization money. It's bad psychology, stupid psychology, demented psychology, for A.C.L.U. to offer me credit for supporting the confused youth's bid for reassignment in the use of communal bathrooms. What I support is children's and teenagers' right to privacy in bathrooms--one user at a time. (I say this as a former child who never even worried about being spied on or molested in school bathrooms...because I made myself sick, more than once, just by wanting to avoid the multiple-toilet stench. Any HSP can understand.)

Psychology, Rational 

Now this one makes sense...can youall see the reasons these superstitions must have had for existing? Like the urban legends about the giant sharks in the local body of water, or the new one about how texting while driving attracts bad luck...

Virginia Tourism 

Most of the time, most of these parks charge admission fees. This week, they won't. Have you been putting off exploring one of these parks?