Thursday, April 28, 2016

April 28 Link Log Part 2

Reuters/newspaper/Twitter day, getting the Portal Paper to bed, means the Link Log is long enough to split between this site and Categories on the Blogjob page: Animals, Boycotts, Economy, Funny, Food, Green. Categories here: Health, Heroes, Maryland, Mental Health, Obamacare, Phenology.


Nicotine is not good for living creatures. Its basic function in nature is to be a pesticide. We all know that. However, here are three indisputable facts that support Jacob Sullum's position: (1) Vaping doesn't subject bystanders to secondhand smoke; (2) Vapors are unlikely to contain the blue mold and mold spores that are likely to infest tobacco, triggering allergy reactions to natural smoke and to buildings where tobacco has been used or stored; and (3) Vapors don't contain the carcinogen dioxin, which is released when bleached white cigarette papers are burned, and which has been pinpointed as the real reason why cigarette smoking is more associated with cancer than pipe or cigar smoking. So, for smokers who can't afford to go into a nic fit while working or driving, an "e-cig" is a nice thing to have on hand.

Here's the (short) sequel to The Poisoning of Michigan, an incident I've actually heard expatriate Michiganians cite as a possible explanation for the brain-damaged behavior of some former neighbors they'd left behind...that city manager in Flint comes to mind now...


By way of explanation of one of my tweets...Far below the one to which I responded, in my increasingly crowded Twitter feed, was a tweet that basically said "Thanks but y'know my son the U.S. Marine doesn't like being called a hero." Which is typical. I can call George Peters and Shalecka Boone out as heroes (for overcoming disabilities and doing good things in our community) because they're dead; I wouldn't daaare mention the names of other people who've qualified for total-disability pensions and worked their way off again. And law enforcement? Hello, they're the community who taught me about never letting a real name or photo be published. #ThinBlueLine


Stay leafy, Gorgeous Prince Georges County! Not everyone (of any race) wants an "urban" atmosphere. I missed living in Takoma Park at first, and never gave up shopping in Bethesda...but over the years Hyattsville became truly a nicer place in every way. (Majority Black, yes, but fully integrated, and most people got along just fine.) Crowding makes people crazy, especially when they drive.

Mental Health 

For those who feel phobic about sharing their cars, car pools, houses, etc...


I don't like to open The Blaze from this computer, but Jon Street sucked me in with this headline.

Not exactly a surprise:

Phenology Link

Scott County, Virginia, sometimes shares D.C. weather patterns, sometimes not. This year we shared the "slow spring season" pattern, which is why, if you're actually allergic to pollen, it's been a great year. (If you're allergic to glyphosate, God have mercy on you--and me.)