Monday, April 18, 2016

April 18 Link Log

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Is there time for a link log today? No time to write about why I'm here, but yes, these links do add up to enough words to post here...
Cute possum drawing:
Fun with rags...
Decorating...with flip-flops?
Traditional quilting:
Why so many widows under age 70 just don't, even though the Bible tells us to remarry...
"Sharia-compliant" is one look they've not been running into the ground lately, anyway. And so much more attractive than the hooker look...until the weather warms up and the sweat starts to soak into it!
Food (reducing the yuck)
It's easier to avoid the yuckiest of yuckness when you know where food comes from. Not merely which country; which farm and, in some cases, which field.
No, apparently the oleanders haven't been banned in California.
Ways to reuse newspapers...I didn't even try to watch the video, but this cute kid has a neat idea. (Why do I suspect that if he were doing it in the U.S., people would shriek about a "chiiild" being "forced" to earn money doing something as "icky" as recycling? Maybe because I remember what fun my brother, cousins, and I had choosing newspaper items to use as "wallpaper" in a cabin we were helping some relatives renovate for one summer...and then I hear that houses where newspapers have been recycled into wallpaper are now being defined as "unlivable." Because of the cool retro recycling alone, I'm hearing.)
Seriously...blood banks that I know, that get donations, pay. And a lot of colicky babies might be healthier if human-milk banks also paid. We all know that these body fluids aren't handed out free of charge to patients in need; if the donors got any part of the (considerable) profits, there'd be more donors.
Don't let a child you care about become a guinea pig...
When your car breaks down in town, you may be glad if a clunky-looking mechanic's shop is nearby...even if some busybody thinks it clashes with the decor of his or her cafe.
What's your favorite stress relief technique?
Free writing contest:
Thanks to the author of this book for sharing the link above (and most of the other writing contest links I've found/used lately). If you're into mysteries, this one launches a series...