Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Here I Am, HireWriters.Com Clients

As mentioned on Friday...during the year 2015 I earned $1855. I lived on that. In the United States. I'm fairly sure it's a record; I've heard of someone who might have survived on less, but he was living in a cave in a forest, not working on computers.

Actually, I earned more than that. Specifically, at this writing site, hirewriters.com, I earned not $500, but $667 and change.I received only $500 because the site operator known as "Brandon Harris" is unwilling to comply with U.S. tax law--by downloading dead simple, user-friendly, free software from the IRS and/or by disclosing a real-world mailing address (how expensive can a P.O. box be?). He demands that tax forms be transmitted as visual images. Two explanations are possible: (1) he's deliberately using an insecure means of transmission of confidential information in order to capitalize on that information, or (2) he's deliberately using an insecure means of transmission of confidential information in order to avoid properly documenting, filing, and paying taxes on that information.

Hirewriters.com is the site whose software interfaces perfectly with the computer on which I'm typing, which Grandma Bonnie Peters gave to me for that reason. I also wrote a few things for iwriters.com and zemandi.com, neither of which works nearly so well with this computer in this computer center. Zemandi is British; I read enough British books and news articles to be able to write for that market, but sometimes what clients want really would be best supplied by someone who's been where they are, recently. Iwriters shows the same kind of writing jobs Hirewriters shows, but Iwriters' software interacts badly with the computer I've used; I get lower ratings there from clients and suspect that, to some extent, it's because what they're reading is not exactly what I've written, due to the way the site is set up.

It's not that I can, or any hack writer anywhere can, magically guess exactly what clients want the very first time. Before giving me five stars, many Hirewriters clients requested changes in what I'd written--yes, even when they'd specified "Rewrite my old piece, enclosed, keeping the same tone and outline but using all new words" or "Use the links enclosed to answer the questions enclosed" (as with the article about the beaches of Vietnam). I didn't want to take writing jobs on Fridays because I expected at least one client to want a change made on Saturday. Point is, I made the changes and got the top ratings.

I don't know whether Iwriters even offers clients the option of requesting changes. All I see on the screens I've used is that they don't request changes.Maybe that's because whatever it is in cyberspace that scrambles anything typed into an "i-frame" on a computer in this part of the world is delivering real garbage; maybe it's because the page the clients see lacks a "request changes" button. The system promises them that things will be written fast, in hours not days, and apparently makes it easier for them to waste other writers' time hoping that someone else will write something "better" in four hours than to work with the person who's already spent four hours writing it.

So, despite abundant evidence that Hirewriters is operated by a greedy, dishonest, selfish jerk whom clients should want to boycott, I would consider using that site again in 2016. It's a new year; "Brandon Harris" could collect more than half of what clients are paying for another $500 worth of writing jobs before he's required to pay taxes. I enjoyed the writing jobs I did there. I liked the clients. They liked me. I'm still receiving notifications (every few weeks for eight months now) that Hirewriters clients would like me to write for them again. Well, anyone who's ever been a typist knows that all agents are parasites, some more loathsome than others, and the more directly you can work with the clients, the better. I've worked around the likes of "Brandon Harris" in real life before.

Unfortunately for those clients who also want to continue using Hirewriters.com, "Brandon Harris" holds a grudge. Your e-mails are arriving, with a link to the "sign in" page. The "sign in" page is showing "Your account has been frozen, contact support for more information." Then the "support" page is showing "You have been suspended from this account. You are not allowed to submit requests at this time."

Why feed the parasite, anyway? Because writing sites managed by parasitic agents are fanatically protective of everyone's privacy (they'd collapse if writers and clients made contact outside of their sites), I doubt the person or persons who miss me at Hirewriters will ever read this post. But here it is. Forget about "Brandon Harris," whoever s/he/they/it may be. Let the IRS sort "him" out. Hire me directly by e-mailing salolianigodagewi @ yahoo.

(I am pretty sure "Brandon Harris" will find this post...and although I can prove it in court if "Brandon Harris" wants to go there, for only $167 for each month that's passed since October 2015, inclusive, I'll consider removing this post. From back in the 1980's, when I was primarily a typist and used my real name, I have a long history of helping nasty parasitic agents out of business. Below, courtesy of SandJLikins at morguefile.com/archive/display/930257, is a submarine. Do you know what the word "submarine" means to women my age, "Brandon Harris"?)