Thursday, April 28, 2016

April 28 Link Log Part 1

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Reuters/newspaper/Twitter day, getting the Portal Paper to bed, means there are enough links for both Blogjob and Blogspot. Categories here: Animals, Boycotts, Economy, Funny, Food, Green. At https://priscillaking/ : Health, Heroes, Maryland, Mental Health, Obamacare, Phenology.
Here's a truly ugly-looking cat--"ugly" in this case meaning badly damaged. My cats could use a "Care Package" today, too, but if anybody out there wants to save and adopt the neediest, most pitiful adult cat in Wise County, click here:
(Wendy Welch's new book is available, in all the best bookstores, and from Amazon, as a new book. You can buy it from me, secondhand, in maybe three or four more years.)
A lot of these seem to be underway. Alphabetically:
Monsanto. Even more charges against the corporation everybody loves to hate...some links repeat the ones posted yesterday, and the blogging restaurateur let a computer correct a mistyped "countries" to "courtiers," but, still...
(And here's a new one:
However, poisons don't have to be manufactured by Monsanto to be harmful to humans (and counterproductive to farmers). From an e-mail:
"Last year, the Environmental Protection Agency admitted that Dow’s highly toxic herbicide blend Enlist Duo—created for use on the next generation of genetically engineered crops—is likely significantly more harmful than the agency initially believed.
The EPA revoked registration of this herbicide, which blends glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup, with 2,4-D, a poison used during the Vietnam War as an active ingredient in Agent Orange.
But in a horrible turn of events, Dow won the right to continue selling this toxic blend until after the EPA concludes its studies…which could take years."
Nestle. (Again.) "For blocking GMO labeling." This is especially odd on Nestle's part because, for the last couple of years, their famous Butterfingers candy bars have been one of the few cheap snack foods that contain corn that have not triggered my nasty reaction to E. coli-enhanced corn. I'm guessing that that means they've relied on BT-enhanced corn, which is not exactly healthy for humans either...of course, it also means I'll never know when Butterfingers may make me sick.
Paypal. Thanks to @LarryElder for this tidbit: "PayPal pulls out of N.C. HQ's in Singapore where homosexuality's illegal. Cirque du Soleil's out--but Dubai is ok." (He has a fast-moving site; the story may be hard to find. Personally, I'm not willing to boycott Paypal, but some people are.)
Target. Warning: this is one of those cheap e-petitions where you can read it first, if you click on it, you've signed it "as is" with no room for comments. Mine is that safety (including little boys' safety from female and/or homosexual male predators) is not about sex-segregated group restrooms and fitting rooms; it's about private, one-or-two-users restrooms and fitting rooms. Apart from the relatively low risk of being sexually molested in a group restroom...we've all lived through a few years when Norwalk Flu just went around and around and around, and the easiest way to be exposed to it was to be in a group restroom while someone else's airborne virus was wafting around those little partitions. The risk of that is high for any age or gender.
Some readers may appreciate (and share) Norb Leahy's opinions here:
Funny Things
For those who didn't know...this is the funniest thing in the Washington Post every Sunday:
Food (Yum) 
"Ugly," natural, locally grown fruit and veg...Scott County farmers know how it's possible, in the context of vegetables, for "ugly" to be a term of praise. That walrus-face-like potato I retweeted is the kind of thing farmers and gardeners can eat at home, or share with friends. It's not the "ugly" brown spots of things that have started to go stale (although it's often possible to cut off the bruised spots and enjoy the delicious remainders). It's the apples that are just a little too big or small, the Siamese-twin strawberries, the potatoes that grew around rocks into strange shapes, and especially the yellow tomatoes. Yellow tomatoes usually grow into strange shapes and always have a distinctive color, and they're sweeter and juicier than the commercial red kind...Here's a British view.
Speaking of potatoes...
Eastern Virginia's Dominion Power is a branch of the same corporation that owns southwestern Virginia's Appalachian Power. Both companies like to boast of what they occasionally do to clean up a site they've fouled up, but...(Yes, conservative followers, this is a Democrat site. Can't get the facts without reading both sides.)
First Dominion closes a plant and lays off workers to get credit for reducing pollution, then Dominion starts dumping coal ashes into the same river, fifty miles upstream. No wonder people are ticked off..