Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Mat Staver's SMUG Update

This web site is not sharing other sites' fundraising appeals as liberally as it once did. However, because the whole idea of the SMUG lawsuit (see "SMUG Indeed," earlier this month) is so idiotic, we just have to make sure you know who's (senile?) enough to fund the most idiotic lawsuit we've ever heard tell of. Suing that McDonalds outlet because the coffee was hot? Not even. Turns out that lawsuit was at least based on a reasonable claim that the coffee dispenser was overheating and keeping the coffee boiling--and my thanks to Making Light for sharing the details, years ago. That's not in the same class with SMUG's...meta-folly, below.

If it were to turn out that SMUG's lawsuit is based on a reasonable claim that this pastor was barging into bars or cafes and grabbing people by the collars, instead of preaching his interpretation of the Bible as Christian pastors are expected nay required to do, this web site will retract the term "meta-folly"--but I trust Mat Staver's judgment.

As I write, Liberty Counsel's litigation team is defending a pastor who is being charged for "crimes against humanity" in violation of "international law" — akin to genocide and war crimes — simply because he traveled to Uganda and shared his biblical views on homosexuality.

A homosexual rights group from Uganda is suing in U.S. court against our client, Massachusetts Pastor Scott Lively.

And guess who is working in the shadows to attack this pastor: George Soros!

The Soros-funded Center for Constitutional Rights is behind this outrageous lawsuit that seeks to charge Pastor Lively with "crimes against humanity." As I told FOXNews:
This lawsuit is a gross attempt to use a vague international law to silence, and eventually criminalize, speech by U.S. citizens on homosexuality and moral issues.

This month, Liberty Counsel filed our second brief (150 pages) calling for the dismissal of this lawsuit against Pastor Lively. My litigation team is deeply engaged in this fight and we are bracing for even more attacks in the coming weeks.

Please understand what we are up against....
This Soros-backed attack against Pastor Lively has already encompassed four years, hundreds of hours of depositions, and some 40,000 pages of legal documents. Their goal is clear — to criminalize Christianity!

That's why I'm asking for your help.

I urgently need an additional $20,000 from our online team for our litigation fund before the end of this month so we can fight for Pastor Lively and many others against deep-pocketed groups funded by George Soros and other radicals.

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We know these groups are spending tens upon hundreds of thousands of dollars to strip people of faith of our rights. At times, the battle can feel overwhelming, but we have the TRUTH on our side, along with faithful friends like you who are standing with us.

Will you help?

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Again, we know that these anti-faith groups have a clear goal -- to criminalize Christianity! This attack on Pastor Lively seeks to make our biblical views a "crime against humanity."