Friday, September 16, 2016

September 15 Link Log

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Can the recently extinct great auk be cloned back into existence? Can reality imitate Jurassic Park?


Mike Opelka reports:

Economy, The 

Jim Babka explains the benefits of "non-violent pricing" for Democrats.


This one seems especially likely to interest +Andria Perry :


Men, too, have had to fight for their right to ignore fashions. And fashions need to be ignored; they're nothing but ways to push merchandise that people would not buy for better reasons.

Food (Yum) 

Got winter squash yet? Like mildly sweet and savory main dishes with a balance of fat, fibre, and protein, meat and vegetables, and complex flavors? (Yes, I know some people don't.) If you do:

Here's another gluten-free recipe with complex flavors. Do you need the yogurt? Meh. It adds authenticity and, for vegetarians, a bit of protein, but vegans could cook the rice and veg without the yogurt.


What do you do with souvenirs of a football player who's so "oppressed," by getting paid huge money to play a game while being rich and famous, that he can't stand up through one verse of the national anthem?

Full-length short story, funny on a different level:

(Frankly, Gentle Readers, don't you want to read what Margaret Mitchell wrote besides Gone with the Wind?)


And, of course:

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