Friday, September 9, 2016

September 9 Link Log

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A photo book link didn't seem to fit into today's rant, but this is the Amazon Affiliate site, so here's the photo link to the book cited:


Considering the use of a commercial slogan as its primary text, this is actually quite a solid, biblically grounded sermon. You might be surprised!


This one seems worth sharing, to me, because I've been known to do similar things. As a kid I used to look at catalogues, think I wanted this toy or that outfit, then make something like it for a doll. As an adult I see images of things that are or aren't for sale, that I don't necessarily want to buy in the form they're presented to me, but that have a shape, color, or design that catches my eye. I have a file for them on my home computer: Things To Knit In The Future. And I do knit them, although knitting is much, much slower than wanting-to-knit or planning-to-knit.


I used to walk past this building every day when I lived in Takoma Park. All houses and buildings up there used gas; fires were commonplace. In a way, that a relatively big apartment block has been destroyed by a gas fire hardly even seems like news...but if you want to do something kind for hardworking American young people, mostly couples with little children (bachelors rented single rooms in group houses in this neighborhood), here are some.


Here's another example of a valid statement about etiquette losing its credibility when it's exaggerated. In real life, although my legal name fits into the English phonetic system, it's frequently mispronounced. That doesn't huuuurrrrt me. It doesn't invalidate my existence. It doesn't harm me in any way...except as it harms the speaker's credibility with me. When I hear someone mispronounce my name, I automatically hear "Here comes a child, a foreigner, someone with a speech impediment, or someone who is just plain stupid--by choice. Which?" I think teachers should, for obvious reasons, work on learning to pronounce students' names properly...but I think we should be honest about who suffers what when the person who's supposed to be the teacher or senior can't even learn the other person's name.

Food (Yum) 

Ben & Jerry share the silliest flavor suggestions they've received--some silly because they'd be too expensive for ConAgra to mass-produce, and some because, to most people, they're sort of a gross-out. Read with caution...


Why protest spraying mosquitoes? Because, the more mosquitoes you poison today, the more mosquitoes you have--and the fewer predators, and the less chance of even poisoning the next generation of mosquitoes--within about two weeks. If you're really panicky about mosquitoes, you drain the water, or pour oil over it. Trying to control mosquitoes with poison is just plain stupid.

How protest spraying mosquitoes? Here's that petition the Miami New Times recommends:


One of the most touching news stories of 2001 was how Masai people in Kenya wanted to show sympathy for New York and Washington by sending us a herd of beautiful Masai cows. People smiled, and then when we thought about it...should the cows have been pastured on the White House lawn? Ceremonially milked by visiting groups of high school honor students? How could the urban communities hit by the terrorist attacks possibly respond to a gift of animals that have not, traditionally, been allowed in urban areas? Dan Lewis reports on what actually became of the cows:

Venezuela Update 

More about what socialism has to offer the world...remember, these are not poor, ignorant hicks in the sticks somewhere; this is a modern city; these people are oilmen.


If you mail out Christmas cards, it may pay to shop early...

Bark Humbug Cute Puppy Dog | Holiday Photo Card
Bark Humbug Cute Puppy Dog | Holiday Photo Card by PaperDahlia
View other Modern holiday Invitations at

What? No Fix Facts First Christmas card? Somehow "Fix facts first; feelings follow" doesn't seem like a very Christmas-y sentiment, to me. Not all Christians even consider Christmas a legitimate holiday, but for those of us who do (on whatever level), the facts of it don't need to be fixed. Both the birth of Christ and the support of local charitable missions are things to celebrate.

Zazzle appeals to me because part of my brain does enjoy creating visual art...but I don't have the equipment to "design" anything but plain text at Zazzle. Their software doesn't even scan the kind of bleary images a cheap cell phone can snap. I'm sorry. Enjoy the cute dogs, "married and merry" couples, newborn babies, and other quirky Christmas images. Zazzle, of course, offers dozens of them.

(If I were mailing out dog Christmas cards, I'd write inside them the classic quote from Walt Kelly: "Bark us all bow-wows of folly..." Aren't you glad I don't send you Christmas cards?)