Friday, September 16, 2016

September 16 Link Log

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A new and different breed of cat...sounds rather high-maintenance to me.

And here are some birds, quite a common species in North America but hard to photograph this well. (Yes, the jewelweed at the Cat Sanctuary is still in full bloom, and occasionally a Ruby-Throated Hummingbird like the ones in the pictures pollinates the jewelweed.)


Back in the old days at AC, Gena Greene had dressed a doll to match an offbeat mystery novel about The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency. We wondered whether a Black male soldier doll with a fresh, bright red plastic wound on his little plastic face, packaged together with a wholesome novel about grown-up people, would sell. It did. As for the novel, that's grown into a series. Can that many detective stories be that wholesome? readers have asked. Here's the author's reply; thanks to the Twit known as Amanda Payne for sharing:




Some readers will disapprove of some of these charities. Should be no problem; everybody out there should like at least a few of them. (I've stopped apologizing for links to, because that site has cleaned itself up and now behaves very well; now more of the "conservative" news sites should do likewise.)


Thanks to Nicholas Kristof for sharing this link to a post in which Ryan Hammill disagrees with NK. (I'm on RH's side, if taking sides is necessary.)

This commentary is on an Old Testament story, so in theory it's Jewish as well as Christian:

But on Grassfire it was tied directly to this Christian post:


If you mention it more than three times, you're nagging. (If you're the husband, it's even worse than if you're the wife, because your voice is more resonant.)


As if I needed another way to add more beautiful yarn to my existing stash...but possibly you do. Here, via Twitter, is a...yarn subscription club! Send this web site a little money and they'll send you sample skeins of alluring hand-dyed yarn, of which you'll probably want to buy more.

I have just finished a knitted blanket, and displayed it in the Friday Market this morning. How disappointing that it wasn't colder...people fingered the gorgeous mix of yarns but nobody really wanted to snuggle under a blanket. Anyway, here to inspire all crafters is a splendiferous crocheted blanket. Similar things could be knitted, or even quilted...

Food (Yum) 

As requested by this cook, I'll deviate from our usual procedure in a way some local lurkers should enjoy, and present the recipe in my own (native U.S. dialect of) English. This is a recipe for gluten-free, nutritionally balanced box lunches as eaten in Japanese bento boxes.

1. Cook rice--enough to line as many bento boxes as wanted.

2. Stir-fry half a pound of ground chicken (or beef or turkey, or vegetarian meat analog of choice), keeping it well broken up as it cooks. For tori soboro donburi as made in Japan, lubricate the pan with one spoon of oil, then as the meat cooks add two spoons of sugar (or substitute of choice) and one spoon each of soy sauce, mirin, and sake. For less authentic alcohol-free protein, you could substitute spoonfuls of teriyaki sauce, duck sauce, "General Tso" sauce, or fruit jam or sauce of choice, to get a slightly sweet flavor. When meat loses all pink color, add a teaspoon of minced ginger (with any juice). Scramble two eggs, with sugar (if liked), and break them into particles the same size as the ground meat.

3. Choose an appealing geometric design (this is where the Japanese flair comes in) that divides meat and egg on top of rice in each box, in suitable proportions. As shown, about two-thirds of each little flat dish of rice is topped with layers of meat and egg divided by a diagonal line of steamed green peas; you could substitute baby leaf lettuce, baby spinach, cooked greens, etc., to make the diagonal line.

4. Now add colorful raw fruit or veg to garnish the remaining third of the dish. Since green peas are quite sweet and the soboro meat and eggs are also sweet, rather than savory, this bento box is garnished with sliced fresh peaches and strawberries as shown.

Here's a similar one-dish lunch idea, Mexican style. If I were making these tacos I'd lose the cheese (many Mexicans eat a lot of cheese and sour cream, which some of them can even digest, but the older people get the less likely they are to digest cow's milk products), bake the tortillas with the beans, onions, tomatoes, and/or meat in, and top them with chopped lettuce and tomato.

Earlier this week I linked to a recipe for a sweet, naturally gluten-free chicken-and-squash dish. Here's a savory one:

And, for anyone who still has zucchini to use up...if you use all (GMO-free) cornmeal and no flour, these zucchini sticks will taste even richer, contain only a tiny bit more fat, and also be naturally gluten-free! (I've baked zucchini with seasoned cornmeal; it's one of the ways I like zucchini--in moderation.) Thanks to Bruce at Grassfire for sharing:


Some people, manufacturers or dealers I suspect, want to roll out the DDT again to poison more mosquitoes, and want to use Zika panic as a pretext. Are they sure? Prenatal exposure to DDT seems more reliably correlated with a deadly form of cancer than genetic factors...? ??? Pink out y'all!


I'm curious...has anybody not replaced lead-based paint yet? What durable stuff Paul Krugman thinks lead paint is. In my part of the world, possibly due to the damp climate, it was chipping off old woodwork forty or fifty years ago.

Health News 

Foods that fight pain? Yes; these foods have been shown to help people manage moderately severe pain. (I've used only one food--celery--for that purpose. While fighting viral arthritis, which was the complication I got from White House Flu in 1989, I made celery the snack food I munched any time I craved the simple carbs banned from my immunity-boosting diet. Viral arthritis hurts--you bolt upright in bed at night with the inflamed joint feeling hot to the touch--and my perception was that, yes, the celery did help. In celery seeds the anti-inflammatory properties, like the bitter green flavor, are more concentrated.)


For U.S. readers, fun facts about our Constitution...the whole thing, not only the controversial amendments that are getting all the attention.

From Europe, a memorial tribute to Federico Garcia Lorca:


About a year ago I bewailed being unable to share a picture of a double rainbow. The Twit known as Irish John or Freedomsdisciple just shared one:

Politics (Election 2016) 

Jonah Goldberg just e-mailed out a column of wisecracks the two unelectables so richly deserve. On the alleged Republican: "there is zero reason to think he means 90 percent of what he says when he panders to various constituencies. It’s the Art of the Deal: Say or do whatever you need to get what you want." On the Democrat...he refuses to be linked. You have to go to the National Review site and sign up to get JG's e-mails. They are funny. And the NR site is an annoying memory hog, though, after signing up, you won't have to go there again.


Lots of big beautiful memory-hog pictures in this virtual trip to the beach:

More in this album of Edinburgh:


From Andrew Case:

From Chuck Sambuchino: