Wednesday, September 28, 2016

September 28 Link Log

Categories: Animals, Health, Music, Politics. Still no e-mail from Zazzle? No time to investigate today.


Bing wanted to be sure youall knew the story of the dog who almost won an Academy Award:

I came along too late to watch the movies (although they were replayed for children's groups for years) but not too late to find old secondhand copies of souvenir books like this one.


Here's another Amazon book link our e-friends at the Cato Institute (sometime home of P.J. O'Rourke) think you might enjoy.


Dr. John McDougall hosts a "webinar" on atherosclerosis. He'll emphasize the benefits of a vegan diet for preventing this disease--in atherosclerosis the veins clog up with saturated fat, so the less you consume, the harder it is for atherosclerosis to develop. Note that this one has reading requirements; I'm pleased to be able to post the temporary link in time for readers to read all three pages.


The hardest part of performing the compositions of John Cage has to be keeping a straight face...

Politics (Philosophy) 

Tom DeWeese and Kathleen Marquardt have put together an interesting blog page. Lots of links blend together into a long independent post, not unlike these Link Logs, but with a single focus:

And more...the top link opens the others.

Politics (U.S.)

Should the U.S. Congress automatically get the same medical care as U.S. veterans? Meh. I don't seriously expect Congress to vote this one into law. Even if they did, even when the Veterans Administration system was cash-based and was serving my father well, there has always been a tendency summarized as RHIP, or "rank has its privileges," or "Longer service + higher rank = better treatment, even for the same condition and the same cost"--and Congressmen are by definition supposed to outrank most people. Should your Congressman get better medical care than a low-ranked soldier who put in seven years without earning a promotion? However, this petition does send its message...