Friday, September 30, 2016

Save the Peace Cross in Bladensburg, Maryland

Yesterday's Link Log was long because I didn't expect to be online today. I did go online, though, long enough to find this link, which goes in the category of "Maryland":

Historic Bladensburg may not be everyone's favorite part of Maryland, but I grew fond of it...the park, with its close-as-anyone-could-really-want-to-tame osprey family, and the bargain stores, and the War Memorial or "Peace Cross." The "Peace Cross" is a landmark defining the boundary between Bladensburg and a few other suburban towns' extended territory. The part of Bladensburg that people who don't live there choose to visit, which includes at a minimum the Metrorail trestle, the wide delta area in the Anacostia River where all the big semi-tame birds hang out, the little computer shop where my personal computer was set up so that it would run without a crash for fifteen years and holding, the bargain stores, and that wacky-looking church that advertises itself as "God's Final Call & Warning, Inc.," surrounds the "Peace Cross"; it wouldn't be the same without it. Yet atheists (who tend to be lacking in community spirit) claim the cross symbol upsets their little feelings. Bah.

Maryland, you pathetic atheists, happens to be one great big symbol of religious tolerance--freedom not from religion, but for religion. Maryland is a symbol, specifically, of freedom to practice the Catholic religion in peace. That's what the Baltimore colors on the flag are all about, too. Can't deal with it? Go back to New York.

(Fair disclosure: I'm a Protestant from Virginia. I think this fact hurt me in my husband's estate case in Maryland. However, I put up with the Catholics in Maryland for more than twenty years, and they put up with me. If that had not been the case, I would have stayed in Virginia like a decent human being, rather than trying to interfere with Marylanders' right to affirm their Catholic history.)