Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lab Beagles: Heartwarming but Not Yet Free

I've received multiple e-mails about the story of a batch of beagles rescued from a laboratory, lately. Here's a nice, concise story that contains video and e-mail links:

Unfortunately, the dogs aren't free yet; apparently they're still in a shelter, awaiting adoption and liable to be killed if people don't meet the shelter's demands, not only for money but for their ability to inflate the egos of the "rescuers."

If you have a lot of money, and are willing to work with lovable yet deeply traumatized dogs, please adopt two or three of the little guys. These are not "Lab-Beagle" crossbreeds, although that mix might have some appeal too. They are real beagles, the breed Snoopy was based on, who have been isolated in cages at a research laboratory. They've only recently been allowed outdoors, and although they've not been allowed to run and play and sniff each other over, they have been each other's only friends.