Thursday, December 8, 2011

Restoring Love: I Want to Be There

Glenn Beck unveils plans to host a convention for conservative, libertarian, independent, and just small charities:

Although I've abandoned (for now) the idea of making the Cat Sanctuary an official 501(c)(3) charity, mainly because I loathe asking people for money, the Cat Sanctuary definitely accepts volunteers and donations. (If you specify by e-mail that you're making a donation on behalf of the cats, it will be used on behalf of the cats...maybe to repair the buildings, but not for human food or other human-specific purposes.)

And although this is definitely a for-profit site, my purpose here is to serve others too. If and whenever this site starts generating revenue, through ads or reader support, I'll be buying the words and pictures of other talented underpaid people and posting them here too. This month, if just one or two people buy Books You Can Buy From Me, I will need the money to pay the utility bills...but if you spread the word, so that twenty or fifty people buy Books You Can Buy From Me, I'll start paying people like Yvonne Leehelen Dowell, Donald Pennington, Charlotte Kuchinsky, and other e-friends whose work has so far been only linked here, and you'll start seeing their work right on this page.

I've linked this post to the "Senior," "Veteran," "Soldier," and "Women's Literature" themes because, if and whenever this site starts helping other writers and artists, we will be actively soliciting contributions from writers and artists who are senior and/or veterans and/or soldiers and/or women.

(Edit: The links don't seem to be showing up as clearly as they do at LiveJournal, or on some other Blogger/Blogspot blogs. I don't know whether this is something I need to fix, or whether it can be fixed. Anyway, click here to browse this site for all Books You Can Buy From Me.)