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May 11 Link Log

Lots of news story Updates today. Categories: Baltimore Update, Books, Censorship, Cyberstuff, Flint Update, Food (Yum), Fun Stuff, Malheur, Nature, Phenology Link, Politics, Seniors, Travel, Writing.

Baltimore Update

Although it may seem unrelated to the "police brutality" incident that triggered the riots that came to your's really the same thing: bullies get into government in order to push people around, abuse their positions, destroy whatever poor old Baltimore has in the way of community.


For those who like the "Hamilton" musical:

Thanks to for presenting this new book:

What about the book reviewed here today?! Well...following up on the theme of "diversity" hadn't heard or thought much about it, but the idea of an aunt having induced lactation is plenty controversial! I'll give readers a few hours to recover, and tomorrow morning I'll review a bestselling novel.


Should Facebook be sued for censorship? Meh...I think discrediting them is good enough. Editors, a category that could conceivably include web hosts, have the right to decide what to highlight or censor. The Portal Paper "censors" news stories that have been printed in other local newspapers just to avoid duplication. And eight years ago I published that rap/poem about the Yahoo news wallpaper:

"I think my Internet provider likes Barack Obama:
The stories that they post on him always seem so much warmer
Than those about Joe Biden, John McCain, or Sarah Palin.
If fair, unbiased coverage is their goal, then they are failin'..."

Maybe we should agree that nobody can be 100% fair and unbiased, 100% of the time, and as long as your control over content you post or publish doesn't interfere with my control over content I post or publish, I have no legal complaint. Of course I have the right not to read your content, and it's mutual...and this web site has always recommended that everybody ignore Facebook.


Does your laptop overheat?

Flint Updates

Thanks to the +Allen West Republic for sharing this one:

This one was on the Yahoo wallpaper. Dogs--who'd've thought?

Food (Yum)

I love Zatarain's rice mixes. And since they've become contaminated with GMO and/or glyphosate-treated grains and veg, so that they make me as sick as the gluten-based Rice-A-Roni would-be-competition...I miss them.

Did you know this non-perishable food is available online? You can e-mail Zatarain's, too, about the need to keep the contaminants out of their yummy rice mixes, if GMO grain (more likely the corn than the rice) and/or glyphosate make you sick too. Let them know how much these things matter. This is a big company now, but they grew fast--probably by having people on board who learn fast. The more e-mails, the sooner the problem can be resolved.

Zatarain's New Orleans Style Jambalaya Mix, 8-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12)

Fun Stuff

Thanks to +Sandy KS for sharing:

Malheur Update

Cliven Bundy sues:

The issue has not been locked up with Mr. Bundy:


Or is it really...I have never seen wisteria bloom like this. It's a gorgeous flower, but...

Phenology Links

Elizabeth Barrette has added a regular "yardening"/phenology feature to her Live Journal:


(See also the post showing below, about diversity.)

Presidential foot-and-mouth disease...The (Black-ruled) +Allen West Republic commented, "What about their parents?" What indeed? And, for those of us who've encountered major bad luck a little further down life's road...yes, society may thank our personal choices, too. I've met a few dealers who've offered to start me out in the field of illegal prescription medication sales. I thank my introvert brain, hard-wired with a sense of honor. You're welcome.

Are there serious wonks who'd rather listen to Ezra Klein's column than read it in the Washington Post? +Arianna Huffington found one...actually it looks as if she's found several.

Asset forfeiture update...Ebony naturally has to focus on how this affects Black people. Last week the Washington Post zoomed in on an Asian church group, and last year, when some correspondents wanted to ride State Senator Carrico harder on getting this issue into Virginia law, so far as I know most of those correspondents were White. I think abuse of asset forfeiture has been much more a question of which cops are on the take and what they think they can get away with. If they perceive someone as either weak/helpless or aggressive/unsympathetic-on-TV-news, from the crooked cop's point of view that person is fair game. It's unfortunate that color can be among the factors that contribute to some people's being perceived in either of those ways. Anyway, the commenter with the foreign name provides a classic example of "mangled" English being more insightful than the "correct" kind. Any way you parse the misplaced pronouns in that closing line, it's true...

This one was obviously written to vent steaming indignation, and may be pulled down afterward since it's much ruder than Terresa Monroe-Hamilton usually is. Language may activate your computer's filters. Nevertheless...I agree with her.

I've tried to find what it is about the #BankruptcyBillionnaire that could possibly appeal to conservative voters. I mean, we've been watching the self-promoting creep-rat for thirty-some years now, those of us who are old enough. We know what he's famous for: money-grubbing, gouging, and cheating in real estate; shameless displays of greed and egomania; an unappealing look, voice, and manner; promising marriage for life, then dumping wife after wife as soon as a younger willing victim comes along; most of all, refusing to pay debts by declaring one of his enterprises bankrupt while continuing to rake in the profits from his other enterprises, which real conservatives believe ought to have got him straight into jail. And he has no politics, nor has he any shame; he agreed to run as a Republican after a call from his ol' pal Bill Clinton, who used to call in Trump when it seemed necessary to distract attention from the undeniable truth that Bill Clinton never was a gentleman. What on earth could this "candidate"  have to offer? Scott Adams has been using the #TrumpTrain media phenomenon as a springboard for studying communication techniques. That Trump can afford to study communication techniques with the best, I'll not deny, although I've seen him falter and blogged about it. (That Bill Clinton ranks among the best, I'll not deny, either.) But is anybody really that good...or has Trump's ace card really been his claim that he could afford to campaign without asking anybody for money?

Regular readers will remember that this web site liked several of the real Republicans in this race, and it cost me a lot of time, purging masses of e-mails from their supporters who constantly asked this web site for money. (The nerve.) I can see how constant appeals for money could have cost Candidates Bush, Carson, Cruz, Fiorina, Huckabee, Kasich, Paul, and Rubio votes, all right.

Well, geddaloada dis, Republican readaz...and sing along: "The cockroach has no politics...the cockroach has no shame..."

Now for Bernie Sanders fans...there's not going to be time to throw in the West Virginia follow-up link about how the Clintons were uninvited to tour that state, they toured anyway, they were booed and hissed and Bernie won the Democratic popular vote in the Illegitimate State. So in case anybody out there thinks this is more than a stereotypical display of W.V. attitude, here's a link from Venezuela...Some people on Google + think we in the U.S. don't care. Actually I think more of us just can't read the Spanish edition of CNN on Google +, where I suspect CNN posts these things in Spanish, checks how many English-speaking Googlers read them, and decides we're more interested in yet another intensive analysis of what she said he said in the boring pre-election in-fighting. But we should care,'cos this is what socialism really looks like, Gentle Readers. This is strictly a political disaster area in a country that was oil-rich only a few years B.C., Before (Hugo) Chavez. These are oilmen in need of CARE packages of canned tuna.


More semi-fun stuff everyone should do...


Home of Gordon Lightfoot:

Camping in Scotland:

South Carolina:


It's a point of view...I think some of the best blogs and web links are written at a college level, and the very best at least cite those abstracts of the cutting-edge reports in the professional literature. Then again, I remember one of the things my father used to like about Herbert W. Armstrong. "Anything worth saying can be said in a way that a reasonably intelligent ten-year-old child can understand."

The point was (1) that this ruled out very personal, private discourse about sex and death and so on, and (2) that loyal children ought to be willing to try to absorb new information about physics and engineering and dead languages and whatever any time their dear old Dad wanted to make a point clear to some other grown-up. This probably had something to do with the fact that Dad didn't bring home a great number of grown-up friends. you readers like easy-reading content, content that draws on your advanced education (if any)...or maybe a mix? Because actually, on consideration, I find that I like a mix. Scientific studies are good, and so are cute pet stories. I felt this way at age ten; I suspect The Nephews do, too.