Tuesday, May 24, 2016

May 24 Link Log

Not a lot of links because I spent more time writing than reading today. Categories: Health, Politics, Stupidity (Is a Choice).


Right...you're not funding the Frugal Gracious Living Challenge, or even taking out absurdly cheap ads in the Portal Paper. Therefore you can't afford to spend five or six thousand dollars on a ten-day McDougall vegan health retreat in California. Why am I even sharing this link?


Politics (Election 2016) 

Women favor Trump over Clinton? Understandable; they're called "Republicans." Women favor Bernie Sanders over Clinton? That, I'd have to call "clueless."


Glenn Beck is willing to back a spoiler candidate, Austin Petersen.


Politics (Philosophy)

Interesting statistics here eh what?


Stupidity Is a Choice 

And today's Stupidity Prize goes to Robert McDonald, Secretary of Veterans Affairs, for comparing the time sick people spend waiting in V.A. hospitals with the time children and their parents spend waiting in Disney parks. Nobody's saying his brain's been injured; it just wasn't connected to his mouth...