Thursday, May 26, 2016

May 26 Link Log (edited for clarity)

Categories: Animals, Charity, Food (Yum), Nature, Shopping, Stupidity is a Choice, Travel, and more. I'm rushing this online because I have deadlines to beat in the morning.

Preliminary Warning 

+Lyn Lomasi , I tagged you so people can find you on Google + , but please do not read further until Nova Skye is born.


I kill those garden centipedes. I'll admit it. Y'know why? Guess what they eat? Manure, that's what. Not only can they bite; they can also carry diseases. They're the closest thing the Cat Sanctuary offers to the nasty kind of cockroaches (as distinct from relatively sanitary Wood Roaches).

Charity or Substitutes for Charity

Right. I'm a service not a charity, but I need money. I am contemplating an untimely end to my own life, like next week--not like Sylvia Plath, bite yer ignorant tongues, but like Katniss. Nevertheless, from time to time I post about organized charities that also need money. Well, this is...not exactly a charity. Someone who's been a very good e-friend for a very long time, who has (like me) actually tried to pay other writers when she's had a dollar to spare, is in an emergency situation and needs money.

Maybe she doesn't need it as desperately as I do, and then again, this is the exact same point where my slide down into desperation began--with a friend, "Jane Doe," who unthinkingly lent me about $6000 for moving expenses,'cos in Washington any of us Bright Young Things could've paid that back in a few months, without realizing that when I unloaded that moving truck, at the age of 40, I would no longer be either a Bright Young Thing or in Washington, ever again. I would be a penniless cancer widow who couldn't repay money that Jane couldn't really spare, because of the complications of her 40-year-old-type problem pregnancy. That impulsive act of friendship cost Jane Doe a lot. It cost me a lot; never mind the only substantial chunk of money I've ever received from any really rich relative, which of course I forwarded directly to her, it cost me Jane.

+Lyn Lomasi is a bit younger than we are, a deeply decent person (although a Democrat), a "Mommie to Lots" at Associated Content, a cancer wife, and dealing with a 40-year-old-type problem pregnancy. What happened to Jane Doe and me should not happen to her. If your income for this month was $1000, you should send $50 to me and $50 to Lyn. If your income reached a taxable level, then you should also send money to the USO.

Food (Yum)

How yummy is cauliflower? Hey, if you can use it before that yucky mold starts to form, it's actually pretty good. Here are 31 different ways, apart from noshing on it raw, to make sure cauliflower never forms mold in your vegetable bin again.

Who can "bake" cake in a rice cooker? I've not tried it, but I'll take +Peach purple 's word for it. Now I'm wondering how gluten-free cornmeal or rice flour "cakes" would work this way.


Have bacteria really defeated antibiotic technology at last? (Note: Washington Post stories that induce alarm and despondency, including this one, have historically had a tendency of leading into stories of problems being solved. I'm guessing this one saw print because there is at least a good chance of next week's headlines showing hope for defeating these "superbugs.")

Now the happy, healthy story...apologies for's tacky formatting, at least as it shows on this computer:


Pretty flowers, with bees, from California:

How worms speed the composting process...I was tempted to choose this as the "Cute" entry in the Portal Paper. It's not gross--even if you don't like to look closely at earthworms. (For some reason, although roundworms, flatworms, caterpillars, and centipedes at close range gross me out, earthworms do not. I feel that they're cool.)


E-mail about this one caught my attention by being off target. On Thursdays the computer center opens and closes "late." I wasn't online in time for the "Twitterfest" in which a large Republican network Twittered opposition to a last-minute amendment tacked onto this bill (which had, otherwise, been overwhelmingly passed). With the amendment--which was tacky all right, and I might've taken the time to oppose it if I'd read about it--the bill failed. I came online in time to read an e-mail headed "Thank you, Priscilla." Er, well, thank you, those who did oppose it. It's too early to find out how or whether Congressman Griffith voted on this one, but I'm guessing that he would've opposed the tacky "Maloney" amendment (which added a demand for unisex communal bathrooms, and a requirement that federal employees bother their heads about the "pronoun of choice" for the gender-confused) even without the Twitterfest. That sort of thing goes on in Congress all the time and it is always, even when the sneaky last-minute additions make some kind of sense, tacky. It's why some call for legislation requiring that bills in Congress be limited to one issue at a time.

(Rand Paul upholds the idea of keeping bills in Congress down to a bulk that allows them to be read--thanks to @thomasn456 for the link.) )

Elsewhere in the Senate, Tim Kaine introduced a bill "to extend the sunset of the Iran Sanctions Act of 1996 in order to effectuate the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action in guaranteeing that all nuclear material in Iran remains in peaceful activities."

He also cosponsored a bill introduced by Senator Durbin of Illinois, just this morning, to dedicate the entire month of June as "Gun Violence Awareness Month." As in...spending tax money to harp on a theme TV, B movies, B-to-F-grade novels, and video games have been so thoroughly covering for, what, like two hundred years? Let's hope not, but, just when you're thinking your Congresscritters have likable qualities, they go and do something like that...they'll do it every time...This web site prefers to feed attention to the nonviolent uses of firearms, although this web site never minds feeding attention to the prevention of violence without firearms, either.

Politics (Election 2016) 

Who's funding Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign? Not some bunch of earnest students using Twitter and what-you-can-spare-for-all-you-can-eat potluck parties, for sure.$100,000_a_Plate_Dinner_Fundraiser_for_Guess_Who/51165/0/38/38/Y/M.html

How many voters remember the whole Clinton story, or at least are old enough that they "should"?


And, need we add...real-world stores use cash!

Stupidity Is a Choice, Continued 

Admittedly: (1) Plenty of things are still named after Robert E. Lee, no worries; and (2) Russell Lee deserved to be commemorated somewhere, too. But what a rationale for changing the name! Nobody would have named anything after General Lee as a Confederate general. Hello...he lost. People named things after General Lee because he was a Peace Chief, not merely a War Chief. He led people to make peace and seek reconciliation; he even made poverty, as related specifically to having lost the war, chic. So you want to purge the memory of how to be a good loser from U.S. history? Dum, duh, dum, dum, dumb...

Well, I suppose wanting to ban those nasty old grades, which choosing stupidity means you don't earn the best of, sort of follows...


Surprise! Lower tech can be safer tech. (Actually I've known this for years, and where d'you think I heard it first? Actually I can't remember whether it was the IRS guy or the FBI gal.)


I don't often share travel ads, but today's e-mail contains two unusual ones. This one has the potential to be special for some people...if health or diet concerns have been a reason why you've not spent a week in the tropics, while your home town was snowed in, here is your dream vacation: a vegan week in Hawaii, the end of January. Doctors and dietitians will be hosting a group of food-sensitive vegans near Waimea beach.

Now this one...who voluntarily goes to Washington in June? British-Americans, or U.S. citizens with especially strong ties to the U.K., that's who. That's the group for whom this event was planned. It does not include me, as the correspondent seems to have guessed it might. It may include some readers who were especially interested in Congressman Griffith's "Brexit" post, though, so it belongs here:


Who knows where writers' time goes? +LadyNightwave BrendaMarie does. All writers are likely to appreciate the clock image.