Friday, May 6, 2016

May 6 Link Log

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U.S. story, reported in U.K. newspaper, shared by U.S. e-friend. (Cute dog pictures, adorable baby, note also the knitted and crocheted work, and yes, there's a Gofundme link.)


Easy way to improve "The Economy": Fix protectionist boondoggles like this one.


Isn't all money possessed by evil spirits?! Before Dave Barry, we had this great classic poem: "That money talks I'll not deny; / I heard mine once; it said 'goodbye'."

(That was Richard Armour, who wrote dozens of funny books; more quips and quotes at .)


"Harriet Tubman, gun-toting Republican"? Too right. (Thanks to Daniel John Sobieski for sharing.)

This young man isn't even toting a gun, and he's facing Virginia Tech, yet. This web site is officially ashamed. Everyone in Virginia should be.


Product used to be considered crass.


"Progressives dominate everything"...people like Tim LaHaye have been documenting this for thirty, maybe forty years. The majority of people in the United States are not pro-socialist. The majority within that minority of people who seem to be making all the noise, the commercial media moguls, are actually more pro-fascist in practice, if you want to be technical, but they'll take bigger government. (They'll take it for all they can take, as Billy Walker might have said.) The Soviet Union collapsed, China converted, Sweden's converting, but what would a true greedhead care about what happens to the country in another twenty or fifty years? Just give them their monopolies and let them take the money and run!

Conservatives...need to pay attention. How did the Extreme Left get into a position to present itself as mainstream and reasonable? Loyalty, that's how. In the 1990s any writer who spouted the "gay" party line was hailed as a genius. Now anyone who spouts globalism and "climate change" can have that dubious honor. Meanwhile, conservatives...nitpick. "Tim LaHaye doesn't belong to my church, so I don't buy his nonfiction." "I'm not into hunting, so I don't watch 'Duck Dynasty'." "One of the dozen or so solid Republican candidates agreed with me on [whatever], and the others didn't, so when my candidate dropped out I just decided not to vote this year." There's never been one Tea Party; there've been hundreds of mostly one-to-six-person Tea Parties. That's the mark of a genuine grassroots movement that government should heed, but also, if we can't muster some team spirit (I'm not saying to the point of voting for #NeverTrump ), it's the mark of a movement that can't show substantial numbers and can therefore be ignored.

You're free to disagree with me. My blogging buddies often do--and sometimes they even convince me. (I wouldn't even have typed the word "guns" here if I hadn't had a good sponsor who sells'em.) What you're not well advised to do is let my web site or paper, or any other non-Extreme-Left site or paper or book or show, wither from lack of support.

I have known left-wingers who went car-free in order to fund left-wing causes. I worked for years with a left-winger who wrote a book about how to tell the legitimate ones from the rip-off kind. She lived in a room about the size of my closet at the Cat Sanctuary; she wore jeans and sweats from charity stores; when she did have a car, it was the ultimate "beater" that was lucky to run a mile at a time. She had a full-time job and parents who sent her "causes."

My self-proclaimed friends, relatives, e-friends, and Tweeps may not be as rich as that woman was, but nearly all of them could skip a restaurant meal a week and fund my web site.