Monday, May 2, 2016

May 2 Link Log

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It's been another link-laden day, generating another two-part Link Log. Categories at : Animals, Art, Boycott at Work, Christian, Crowding Creates Craziness, Education, Etiquette, Food (Yum), Frugal, Green, Health. Categories here: History, Local Link, Money, Nature, Phenology, Politics, Psychology, Travel/Vacations, Weekends, Women, Writing/Zazzle, with a huge hat tip/wave/salute to +Barbara Radisavljevic .
There are things to admire about Alexander Hamilton; unfortunately, they don't include his politics. Tom Woods shared a temporary link; there's a longer mini-biography on Wikipedia.
Local Link
This hardware dealer snarkily refused to advertise in the Portal Paper because he's doing well on Facebook. I haaate Facebook, the way they encourage individuals to post their real names online and the way they don't even display a page without an annoying Captcha, so I would never have discovered his business there...but this is how to work Facebook. (Note that a U.S.-based search engine, which I've always used in English, pulled up his Facebook page in French--it doesn't matter much, since the user content on the page is still in English, but it does show what a captious, annoying site Facebook is.) This link is posted by way of "heaping coals of fire upon his head." (He does offer what can no longer be called "the Wal-Mart Price," the price Sam Walton would have used, on small, odd bits of hardware.)
Scotland adds the faces of two obscure women writers (that I, for one, now want to read) to its new forms of "filthy lucre" but, as in the U.S., that's not the only controversial novelty about the change in the "new" money...
Thanks to Jason Pye for e-mailing the link to Christopher Ingraham's excellent, thorough write-up on an issue whose time has come. Some correspondents blamed State Senator Carrico, winter before last, for backing off a state-level bill in order to wait and see what a federal law would say about "asset forfeiture." I think this article will show them how and why "asset forfeiture" needed to be considered a federal issue.
If you can open a big beautiful picture, check out...
Gardening in Alabama:
This California blogger is participating in a one-day blog challenge to post about "smells." It's not a full-length post, but yes, as I walked through town to the computer center this between whiffs of motor vehicle exhaust, mostly from people who think they "have to" drive a mile or two just to show that they don't "have to" walk, I did manage to get one heavenly whiff of the scent of iris blossoms. (Usually I walk down a side street where the sidewalk is about three feet below people's hedges, and sniff those people's iris blossoms close up. And I enjoy my own flowers at home.)
Are the "official" reports of political news...biased? (Thanks to the +Allen West Republic for sharing.)
The town of Logan, West Virginia, tells it like it is:
Will Congress please just enact this into law and get it done?
Fiscal conservatives blame "moderate" Republicans in Congress for not tightening the budget:
This is a nice well-written article; nevertheless...I have some reservations. I tend to agree more with C.S. Lewis. If you want to detach from an emotional feeling like happiness, you sit down and analyze it: "Am I happy yet? Could I be happier?" If you want to be able to look back on a time in your life, long or short, and say, "Yes, I was happy while I was doing that, and I'm happy about having done it; I wouldn't have it any other way," you focus on doing the right thing. Let the happiness take care of itself. Fix facts first; feelings follow. If you forget about making "more happiness" a goal while you're doing them, the strategies Kira Newman suggests are likely to lead to doing the right thing and being glad you did. Note particularly the balance: first do four things alone, then, for number five, connect with another person. (Active unhappiness is often caused by a lack of solitude.)
Dermot Barry considers the multitude of factors that make it silly to try to analyze a correlation between something that's complex in the real world, like "parenthood," and some other thing that's complex in the real world, like "happiness"..."scientifically," yet. And he doesn't even mention factors like the physical damage "parenthood," specifically motherhood, does to some women who love their children but are injured by pregnancy and/or birth.
Have you ever had a dream that not only seemed to be trying to turn into a novel, but did...turn into a novel-length drama, while you were still in the dream? I never have. This one is fascinating.
Good general advice for travel, with the writer's homeland specifically in mind.
Weekend Tips 
Tired? If so, you didn't make use of this guidance to weekends:
Fat is not good. Big, solid muscles ("for a lady") and bones are good.
Attention correspondents: I'm not the only one who's noticed this. We may be able to read 10,000 words in an hour, but the Internet does not allow this. Not any more. If you're one of the half-dozen or dozen bloggers any of your e-friends is able to read in any given hour of an eight-hour day, you're among a Chosen Few.
+Barbara Radisavljevic says Zazzle is launching an Affiliate Program too, like Amazon. Great if it works!
(While clicking through the pages she recommended, I seem to have designed a T-shirt. Cool, if anybody wants a T-shirt! I wanted to post images of my knits! Zazzle doesn't like the pictures my cell phone camera takes. Boo, hoo, waaaa! Anyway, they're good T-shirts, huge range of sizes, prices, colors, styles, basic large size will cost you $20 from which I'll get $2.)
Somehow I expect that if I earn money on Zazzle it'll be by promoting the beautiful photos e-friends have displayed there. Like this one:
Or this one...if it works!
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