Monday, May 2, 2016

Olive Garden Replied...with Pretty Pictures

What does Darden, the company that runs Olive Garden and a few other upscale restaurants, have to say in response to Dave Murphy's provocative petitions? Olive Garden replied, promptly, with pretty pictures. This reply contains some more pretty pictures.

Reducing water waste is an excellent goal, but, er, concern is about keeping the antibiotics off my plate. Which means more farmers raising fewer chickens per farm with less cruelty...less waste...more, y'know, all-around Greenness.

For the Morguefile pictures below, I apologize; has changed their site so that I couldn't find the links and credits I wanted to use with these free public-domain photos.

(And more farmers distributing smaller numbers of healthier eggs also means a lower consumer price per egg.)

This guy, I'd eat.

These poor creatures...actually these birds look as if they have more than a week or two to live, so they're probably packed in like that only for a few hours in transit, but "factory farms" are places where hens spend their entire lives like this. (Morguefile favors pretty pictures. Real live pictures of factory-farm fowl aren't nearly so pretty.) Call'em salmonella on the wing, and likewise MRSA and E. coli and anything else you can think of. They breathe--though not for one-tenth as long as nature intended. If it's in the air, they've breathed it. They're crowded and stressed so that they have no resistance. If they've breathed it, they're walking cultures of it. That is why they're fed antibiotics as if antibiotics were vitamins, and that's the practice that allows MRSA to become the dominant strain and boring little Staphylococcus aureus to become a deadly epidemic.

I repeat: Please help keep the disease factories off America's plates.