Friday, May 13, 2016

May 13 Link Log

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Cute pet-photo bloopers is another blog theme that's been proposed...I'm not good at remembering things like "the second Friday of each month," but with prompts like this...

I can remember to dig up photos like this. (Is that an early photo of Sisawat, or was it her cousin Bucky? I've forgotten.) Just use a cheap cell phone to snap shots and you'll have dozens of "out-takes" like this...

Boston Update 

I just posted a review of a book that I physically sold long ago. Yes, you can still buy it from me, affordably, as a Fair Trade Book, thanks to the wonders of the Internet. It's an early, obscure children's book by Wendelin Van Draanen, who is, when not writing, a runner. (Also a rocker.) Here's her update, which some will find inspirational, from Boston after the Marathon bombing.

Crime Prevention

Anything that puts the fear of God and the law into a conscience-challenged person is good...but it's not good when the Court of Public Opinion pays more attention to demographics than to what's actually going on. One simple solution: cities like Ferguson, Missouri, need to recruit Black police officers, so demographic snap judgments are at least equally unfair to cops and perps. As highlighted here, though...what about the victims?

In a story told in Oops Then You're Dead a young lady is harassed by a "Street Monster" who reminds her that the rough neighborhood she's visiting is his neighborhood, not hers. "If you don't come with me, I will just drag you back to my place and tell all those tired old women waiting for the bus that you're my cheating wife. They will listen to me and not to you." (That's the gist of what he says...desensitizing herself to hatespeech and graphic threats is part of how the young lady became "streetwise" and learned to live on her own in the city.) She believes him. She also knows she can't count on the police even to answer a call from that neighborhood. What she does is in the book. I mention it here because it highlights the demographic factor in the Court of Public Opinion. Every character in the story is Black. The city police (back then they were probably all White and certainly all in the habit of ignoring "bad" neighborhoods), who don't arrest the Black male "Street Monster," are guilty of failing to protect the Black female "Sweetie Pie."


+Marsha Cooper shares a hat that looks good enough to remind (some of) us to wear one, in summer.

On Monday, I went out to keep a wary eye on those "Shawnee" types we'd been warned were approaching Gate City. Whether any of them had any actual Shawnee ancestry, who knows. The presentation I heard was about what people wore on the frontier. The presenters, who were impersonating Euro-American "pioneers," spoke at some length about the many benefits of wearing hats. One of them called out hat wearers in the audience as being "smart"! In the snapshots below, two middle school types in the audience model eighteenth century clothes--ordinary work clothes, as distinct from the preposterous "fashions" worn by courtiers and by soldiers on parade.


Outdoor cooking made could make this, but buying it is probably easier.


+Coral Levang introduces British blogger (and cancer survivor) Ronny Allan:

And some tips for sanitation:

Should athletes expose themselves to a very contagious, potentially fatal, mosquito-borne disease?

Should athletes...go vegan? This one did.


Undeniable. Some Anglo-Israelites believe that the English-speaking countries have inherited a special "covenant" relationship with God and that this explains our abundant "blessings." Some believe we'll receive even more "blessings" if we do formalize this relationship. But no, the United States never officially fact, our founders officially proclaimed freedom of belief, with a specific intention that the United States would remain equally as hospitable to Jews and Catholics as to Protestants.


This is just plain stupid, in view of Target's example:


My debut piece in a new conservative'zine! (Meh. While working on the rightist George Peters FacTapes, I was also working with short-lived leftist Should I look for a leftist publisher just to keep my head balanced?)

Venezuela Update

Socialism at work...what Sweden is (commendably) swerving rightward to avoid, what should have doomed Bernie Sanders' presidential "yearnings" long ago...Before there were any United States, Europeans observed that democracies fail when people "vote themselves benefits" from the public treasury, thus destroying their economy and, usually, their nations. They warned our ancestors that democracy would destroy us, that we'd go crawling back to England, or maybe to France, begging to be a colony of a monarchy again. Our ancestors' (Christian, individualist) "work ethic" saved us but, as we've seen throughout the late twentieth century, other countries have been less lucky. When countries have formed "democratic socialist" systems inspired by Marx, Mao, or Lenin, this is what happens. Venezuela isn't even merely a huge oil field, although it has huge oil fields. It has other resources as well. And a socialist government to manage those resources in such a way that oilmen can be as miserable as professional beggars in Calcutta.