Thursday, May 12, 2016

May 12 Link Log

Lots of links (already a whole screen full to be shared later), and it's time to put the paper to bed, and a new publication invitation came in...I finally got through the cybergarbage at I-Patriot and hope to publish there soon, but not today. The Portal Paper must come first. Btw the local lurkers have done well--so far--with a new record of four whole ads this week. I'm delighted. Now, for the free weekly paper we want to be, we need only about 25 times that many...Categories: Animals, Books, Business, Debunking, Food (Yuck and Yum), Fun Stuff, Gardening, Movie, Nature, Politics (Election and Philosophy).


I don't think anyone should ever have to live in an apartment block. (An apartment within a private house may be less bad, but...) For those who have no immediate choice, however, +Lyn Lomasi offers reliable tips for keeping a dog in an apartment. Note particularly the one about exercise. It's crucial, even if you live in a house--the dog may get bored if it's left alone even in a large fenced yard, and want to jump the fence and "play with" neighbors or their pets!

Btw, at, this was an historic first. I don't usually support the "international animal rights" groups in anything because they're infested with people who really want domestic animals to go extinct. I did, however, sign a petition to the Spanish government objecting to the alleged custom of killing aging greyhounds "by torture." The system didn't display the comment, nor did it provide a link directly to the petition. When I opened it, I found that SPCAI had indeed deliberately paid to have the petition tacked on behind another petition in this format so that people who don't actually oppose hunting would sign a petition that's quite different from what they saw on their computer screens. SPCAI's petition in its original form didn't get enough signatures to be of any they're recirculating it, dishonestly. If you want people to "stop torturing greyhounds," I suggest posting an explanatory comment when you e-sign here:

My comment:

"I DO NOT support bans on hunting, or sneaky petitions tacked on behind other petitions as this one was. I do support letting the dogs live. At least they can become pets; I know people who've adopted greyhounds; they're great pets, good with children.

No firme una peticion contra la caza. Si firme una peticion contra el mato cruel de los perros. Los ruego a Uds que se les permitan vivir. Al menos se pueden hacer util como perros domesticos; conozco a gente que han rescatado galgos; son excelentes en casa y con ninos."

(A Dog Sanctuary I know has adopted a resident greyhound...I've offered a paying customer the rights to a post about what a lovable pet he is. If you want a big but gentle trail buddy, you might want to check out these links: )

And, the Sloth Sanctuary has spawned! (Full-length BBC story; cute sloth photos and video.)

Meanwhile Dan Lewis reports on animals that get drunk:

And, itself, wanted everyone to see the time-lapse photo of an art project created by flying pigeons. Cruelty-free...pigeons fly often but not far!


Nothing could top Left Behind...or could it? Tim LaHaye has teamed up with Craig Parshall to work on another "end-time" speculative fiction series. Admit it, you want to look...and Kindle has just made Volume 3 a cheap promotional e-book of the month.


Does your business have a Twitter account, but nobody ever uses it and you're starting to wonder what it's good for? Here's a thought a Tweep just shared...that hit home. I usually open Twitter five days a week, these days, but don't Tweet every day. Of course, that's because I do blog every day, but...Right. I will now remember to Tweet or Retweet at least once a day. (This computer finds it easier to handle Twitter Mobile, which makes it easy to Retweet without commenting.) And, if you are one of the people who wants a daily business-related Tweet--that's strictly about your business, not about my business or me--I could, just as easily, be Tweeting in aid of your business while I'm there...for a price.


Seriously, I'll admit I never tried it, but if young women, older men, diabetics, etc., want to do jobs that involve walking, lifting, shovelling, etc., every single day, sometimes adult diapers could be convenient. Not because the workers are "denied breaks"; because they want to keep up with other people who take fewer breaks. So, although the big commercial poultry farms have to struggle constantly to maintain conditions that are tolerable for either man or beast, it's likely that with this particular report Oxfam got their knickers in a twist over nothing.

Food (Yuck)

Should the same stores that sell food, also sell poison? I'd like to see all stores that distribute food ban anything marketed under a "-cide" term from their buildings. Wouldn't you?

Food (Yum)

+Susan Zutautas knows how to write a recipe I think I just have to try. Clever to slip in a touch of vinegar, which I would never buy if not testing a recipe!

(Did youall realize that anything posted at is also available at,, and more? Google's translation software makes our blogs available in languages we don't even read, so I've actually seen what Google says is a Russian edition of this blog--no idea how it looks to anyone who can read Russian, although it attracted lots of readers this week. And we welcome our new Polish readers, too, nobody here having any idea how this blog works in Polish either. I suspect it's quite ridiculous in French, which I read just well enough to realize that the computer is not making me sound like Montaigne. Anyway, SZ does blog from Canada.)

Fun Stuff

Calling all grandparents, godparents, etc....did you even know you could buy all this stuff to help busy young parents baby-proof the bathroom?


This German gardener posts from a colder climate zone than Virginia, where the danger of a killing frost is officially considered over on the tenth of May. My neighbors are moving their tomato plants from the containers to the gardens now. However, it's not too late to start later crops indoors here, either...

And these gardeners know how to work Amazon...I salute them. (I'll even add a book link: in Staying Well with the Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense, Suzette Haden Elgin, who was a polio survivor, discussed her experience with gardening as a "symptom-buster" activity. How does that relate to communication? It comes under what you tell yourself about whatever mild chronic symptoms you might tend to have: if an hour or even a half-hour doing your "symptom-buster" makes you feel worse, you call the doctor and confidently say you're really sick; if it makes you feel better, cheers, you're not really sick.)

(Available directly from the seller who posted the picture, if you click on the picture; also available from me for $5 per book + $5 per package.)


Since I just reviewed a Stephen King novel, this review of Big Steve's first major success seems to fit the daily blog theme. (I have not personally watched the movie. I read the book. Terror, horror, and lots and lots of gross-out.)


It's a video (apologies)...of hummingbirds hovering, in slow motion.

For those who can enjoy photos but not videos, +Jeff Sullivan is highly recommended. This is an "album" of Sierra Mountains photos.

Loch Ness Monster has been found.

Politics--Election 2016

Joe Biden thinks he might do a better job than any of the disaster-roster we're now facing? Hmm. I hate to say it, but the Plagiarist from Delaware might be right about that...compared with brain damage and major memory deficits, outright socialism, or total jerkery. (Coming from the least populous State is an unfair handicap for a politician, even one who's not achieved national infamy.) It's just that I suspect most of us know somebody who'd be a better President than a Plagiarist from Delaware, too.

And I seriously think a Wood Roach would be a better President (in spite of the age issue) than this lousy creep. (This meme was suggested by a Blaze article yesterday and should appear in a blog post some time soon.)


From the +Allen West Republic , another image that just has to be shared...and this is the only way I seem to be able to share it. Plagiarism is never my intention. If you find AWR on Google +, maybe your computer will connect to whatever system they use to post their links and graphics, so you can thank them. My computer will display what they post on Google +, but not connect.

A good commentary, in two short and simple parts, came in from Jim Babka, who asked people to e-mail these two links to friends. I'm not doing that, because the other time, when it worked, the Turkish hackers used what appeared to be links forwarded by friends. But these links are worth reading...especially if you feel sympathetic to the gender-confused people; Babka and Perry Willis explain why a saner, more peaceable approach--in this particular case, politely requesting more access to privacy in restrooms--is better for them too.