Friday, May 27, 2016

May 27 Link Log

After careful review of the way the site works, I've decided to cancel this afternoon's plans to write another piece for So it's a Twitterday!


The hieroglyphics?

Sigh. I'm glad +Marsha Cooper has had the pleasure of reading Nickel and Dimed; it is, indeed, a pleasure to read. I'm disappointed that she's apparently not read anything I've posted all year.

Food (Yum) 

Me, personally...I'd just as soon not get close enough to see a living hog, much less eat a dead one. That's my quirk. If it's not yours, and if you're in the Central States, you might want to check out this Missouri farm. They process beef too, but what they personally raise is pork.

I mention this hog farm here because I owe them thanks for sharing this link. If you have unlimited cell phone time and can afford to play around with "apps," here's an "app" that promises to tell you--by bar code--which things you see in the grocery store are certified GMO-free. You probably can't buy everything you eat from a local farmer you trust, so this "app" might actually help you avoid pain. Sounds more worthwhile than 99% of all advertised "apps"!

Scones, with a graphic showing variations on the basic recipe.

What the upscale restaurants in Nashville are doing with Tennessee-grown food:

Food (Yuck) 

"The maximum level of glyphosate residues allowed in foods is 30 ppm in the United States." That's not a lot of parts per million, but it's enough to make a lot of people sick!


Frugal people read printed newspapers. Seriously. You're reading this online and thinking, "But I already have Internet access--at least some--and news is free on the'Net." Frugal people don't have Internet access at home, and home is where many of us read newspapers. They're easier to read than a computer screen, it's cheaper to subscribe to a newspaper than to the Internet, and you can do a lot with old starting your wood stove, and absorbing the moisture so that your water-free toilet runs at peak efficiency. (I have an older toilet that wasn't meant to run on solar power. I've been running it on solar power anyway. Works! If only I could get my old Net-free computer to run on solar power...) And more than one person, or family, can read the same papers in a day.


A new documentary about GMO food...hey, it has Danny Glover in it, and stars Zoe Lister-Jones...sounds better than many documentaries are. (A random Internet search for "Consumed the Movie" would find that specific address; it would take you to this link too.)


You knew weeds are resilient. Here's a science news story about how they're resilient.


In Dirty Sexy Politics Megan McCain said something like, "Apparently there's a longstanding tradition of making the story better when you write a memoir..." When this kind of thing becomes a "tradition," people may honestly think that putting a false statement of fact in a nonfiction memoir doesn't count as lying. The problem is that many readers have never heard of this "tradition" and think that "lying" is the applicable word.

Venezuela Update 

From bad to worse, not vote for the Socialist candidate, U.S. readers.