Thursday, May 19, 2016

May 18 Link Log

Better late than never, right? Categories: Christian, Constitutional Rights, Etiquette, Food (Yum), Fun Stuff, Marketing, Nature, Politics.


Sometimes I think Christians worry too much about trying to forgive people when the problem is that those people can't be forgiven yet; all the Christians can do is release the emotion of anger and pray that the as-yet-unforgivable will come to a position of repentance, so that they can be forgiven. Sometimes Christians do have to forgive people, and it's hard.

Constitutional Rights

Not to blame any bereaved parents, but...if the parents of those children who were killed in preschool and primary school massacres had taken this approach to child safety, their children would be with them today. (And guys will undoubtedly like the photo.)


It's generally a good idea to avoid repeating anyone's name, or even title, more than once in, say, a day. It's a good idea to avoid using any identifiable name or any term of kinship--if you must "call" someone who's already present, use a generic term that doesn't suggest intimacy--in a public place. In Georgia...I think these citizens are aware of this rule of etiquette; I think the rule was formalized because the citizens were repeating the officials' names, with emphasis, as a sneaky form of verbal abuse. (Same way people who oppose the disastrous law, but want to show loyalty to President Obama, resist saying "Obamacare.")

Food (Yum)

Quick, easy, naturally gluten-free...well, some of us need to be careful with soy sauce, but you know who you are and what you can safely use instead.

Fun Stuff

Cheap, easy, and fun to make. The trick is to hang it high enough, on a long enough wire, that mice and other animals won't eat all the seeds (and, possibly, birds).


The creator of "Dilbert" hardly even needs to market books...although the one he's marketing here is from the serious side of a very witty thinker. However, having said what I've said about those eye-catching ads that kill the web sites they parasitize, I'd like everyone to see this example of a very inoffensive, browser-friendly, reader-friendly, and evidently effective advertisement. Check the comments: people are not only liking the ad, they're claiming to be buying the book.



On the West Coast, this blogger is still reporting early spring flowers and a late spring. Here on the East Coast, we're getting a slow, cool, delightful spring, but the heavy sweetness of late-spring privet and honeysuckle is starting to displace the cooler scent of iris and rose blossoms, even so...


I'll take the +Allen West Republic 's word that this is accurate...though I'm not sure how ethical it is to use a 1975 mistake against someone who's not repeated it during the past forty years, this is legitimate political "dirt," of more interest to news readers than the "subsoil" question of how many women slept with Donald Trump (or had nightmares about him). (Again, if the +Allen West Republic ever starts posting these graphics in a place where it's easier to link to them than just gank
them, I'll start linking instead of ganking.)

J.K. Rowling's political philosophy is worth celebrating...because in some ways it is an important theme in the Harry Potter saga. (Is Trump really worse than Voldemort? Er, um...I've not heard of his having murdered a young couple with a baby in their arms? Taken advantage of people, trampled or trumpled on the less wealthy, exploited loopholes in the law, cheated on his wives, yes, and I'd be inclined to believe it if somebody said he'd stolen a little kid's lollipop, but...hey, remember that Trump is a Clinton crony. And another Clinton crony admitted having sat down with WJC and planned to leak a few really tacky rumors that would make the facts of the Clinton Administration scandals seem relatively reasonable...)

Nevertheless...this is what I don't like about Trump's presidential campaign. He may overtly despise the ideals of the Socialist religion, but he's no conservative, fiscal or cultural.

A lot of people in Washington have had a very low opinion of Trump for--oh, like basically all of our adult lives. So it's not surprising that Jeff Bezos found twenty Washington Post reporters who were eager to look for political "dirt" on him. I want to go into this in more detail than seems appropriate for a Link Log, and I think the place for that might be at