Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Congressional Earmarks

From the Senate Conservatives, reposted here because Freedomworks no longer displays blog posts and because some readers may have a right to call or e-mail Congressmen Culberson, McCarthy, Rodgers, Rogers, Rooney, Ryan, or Scalise:

When House Republicans consider their conference rules for the next Congress later this week, there will likely be a vote to overturn the ban on congressional earmarks.

If this vote succeeds in the House, it will make it much easier for Republicans in the Senate to cave on the issue too. Then the congressional favor factory will be reopened and lawmakers will go back to doling out earmarks as usual.

It's hard to describe how big of a mistake this will be. Americans just voted to "drain the swamp" and to end this kind of cronyism. If Republicans bring back earmarks as one of their first acts following the election, it will be a giant slap in the face to the millions of voters who elected them.

The three congressmen leading the effort to bring back earmarks are John Culberson (R-TX), Mike Rogers (R-AL), and Tom Rooney (R-FL).

Please call these three Republicans today and tell them that you strongly oppose earmarks and will be actively looking to support primary challengers against them if they don't drop this misguided effort.
  • John Culberson (R-TX) – (202) 225-2571
  • Mike Rogers (R-AL) – (202) 225-3261
  • Tom Rooney (R-FL) – (202) 225-5792
Also, please call the House Republican leadership and urge them to listen to the voters and defend the earmark ban.
  • Paul Ryan (R-WI) – (202) 225-3031
  • Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) – (202) 225-2915
  • Steve Scalise (R-LA) – (202) 225-3015
  • Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) – (202) 225-2006
Remind them that now is the time to be tackling big problems like repealing Obamacare, stopping illegal immigration, reforming the tax code, and passing term limits, not chasing after money for bike paths and Teapot museums.

It's truly amazing how quick some Republicans are to support the "power of the purse" when it comes to rewarding their friends with your tax dollars, but they want nothing to do with this authority when it comes to stopping funding for liberal policies like amnesty, Planned Parenthood, and Obamacare.

Do not be misled. These politicians aren't trying to bring back earmarks as part of some principled effort to control wasteful spending. It's just the opposite. They want the power to force you to pay for more Bridges to Nowhere.