Tuesday, November 22, 2016

November 22 Link Log

Ni hao, Chinese readers! (Time for a standard warning? Gentle Readers, this site is global. It uses cookies that track which country you're in, for my benefit, and probably several other things that Google and Amazon don't even share with me, for their benefit. It's read primarily in the United States, these days, and that includes government offices, not limited to the ones that contribute official statements. It's also widely read in Canada, Europe, Russia, the Ukraine, Turkey, sometimes Africa and Asia, and this weekend in Hong Kong and China. I'd like to see more readers of good will using the comment space to chat with each other.) Today's Categories: Animals, Books, Christian, Disaster, Education, Food, Gardening, Green, Nice, Phenology Links, Politics, Travel, Virginia, Writing, Zazzle.


As a display of ongoing gratitude to Barkley's human, and because Petfinder images are so dang cute, this web site has a new policy of sharing Petfinder links in aid of whichever type of domestic animal is mentioned in the first link I open while doing the Link Log. Today the link would be a Tortie Tuesday post, and why not focus on older cats. You might think older cats would be more "set in their ways" (which they might) but, if you're going to adopt a shelter pet, that's not all bad; they may have had time to form more good habits, which have been less damaged by the trauma of the shelter experience...


...So here's another link for Sugar Plum:

Sugar Plum
Sugar Plum from Morrisville, Vermont: https://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/35821391

Sonia (and her buddy) from Rockville, Maryland: https://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/36563574
Angelica 10144
Angelica from Atlanta...I'm impressed. It's hard to get this clear an image of a cat this dark: https://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/21055029
After all...


(Why Heather rules? Well, it's not because she's a bossy cat--I'm actually starting to worry about Inky disrespecting her and Irene! They're gentle obliging cats who get what they want by being nice. Always were, probably always will be...whatever you may have heard about classic calico or tortoiseshell cats. What I often tell Heather these days: No cat ever was or will be loved more than our Founding Queen, Black Magic. Not more than Heather's great-grand-uncle Mackerel, who recapped the "history" of how cats may have domesticated humans rather than vice versa, either. Nor more than Mogwai...nor even funny old Graybelle, in her way. But I have loved Heather longer than I loved any of the cats before her. That counts for something. She's been a real friend and working partner...not as efficient at relaying messages between humans and other cats as some other social cats, partly because that used to be Ivy's job, but still better than the average human can believe until s/he has seen it.)

And here, for the local lurkers, is Juanita from Big Stone Gap:


Wild animals...here's a petition I'm not going to sign, because I think it's silly. Domestic animals don't have to live in "herds." Please stop annoying a small business and find something worthwhile to do.

[silly elephant petition link]

Elizabeth Barrette (linked below) also shared this cute, short, low-memory water animal video:


Can you train crows or ravens to feed you? (Hmm...what about magpies? Bluejays? I don't think they'd be big enough, but...)



Short summary of why Wendy Welch didn't like Endgame:


So here are some books our correspondents do like. These are new books I've not read, but you may want to check out:

(No, it was not Christian as we ordinarily understand Christian. It was a drugged-out mess:)

Here's a whole page of books on post-election sale, aimed at Republicans, but the position of this web site is that you should think beyond party loyalty and buy books with which you don't agree.

[Patriot Depot book sale link]


How do we know when something is really for the highest good of all? Answer these questions...for yourself, and for the other person(s) involved.



In Japan, yesterday's earthquake seems to have done less damage than the one they had a few years ago; people still question the wisdom of building a nuclear power plant in an earthquake zone. This link is shared because I completely concur (like, agree!) with Mr. Onuki. Better to reduce consumption than to explore more dangerous ways to keep generating more electricity. I've been off the grid all summer!


In Tennessee, this smaller-scale disaster may cause more losses to more families. Prayers said; donations of blood and money (and lawyers?) encouraged, if you can spare them:



Thomas Sowell meanders away from the general problem with "progressives" and their retrograde thinking to discuss the specific problem of lowering academic standards at the big-name schools where students from less privileged backgrounds tend to flunk out, otherwise. I saw this happening at Berea, years ago, and share his concerns. You don't have to flunk out of Berea or Berkeley or M.I.T. just because you can. You can start at a community college where easy course work gives you lots of free time, use that free time to find out whether you really love the kind of nerdy research that Bereans and other successful students at big-name schools actually like doing on weekends, and, if so, prepare yourself and then go to the big-name school.

I was academically underprivileged by Berea standards because I skipped grade twelve, so I went to a church college whose academic standards were even lower than those at the local community college, then spent a few years typing academic papers for university students and teachers, and then breezed through my year at Berea with Dean's List grades. I recommend this stunt to ethnic-minority students who get that "provisional acceptance, but ninety percent of our freshmen like you flunk out halfway through the first term" routine from other big-name schools. Tell'em to stick their stereotypes in their ear. (And if you're currently floundering at a big-name school, it's not too late to score your slow-but-steady-wins-the-race points now.)


Food (Yum) 

Thanks to Elizabeth Barrette for sharing this gluten-free low-calorie vegan dessert. It can be made higher-protein by adding more nuts...and ginger goes well with Thanksgiving dinner:



Plotting next summer's garden, yes, precisely. Plant your rows deep and long...



If you hadn't heard of this tax loophole, you may enjoy Dan Lewis's comedic approach. I've not tried chicken manure, yet. Nor, although adept at converting manure to heat, am I adept--yet--at converting that energy to electricity. I don't plan to give up my "student" approach to life, ever. I'll say this though. Human and dog manure smell as vile as you'd expect, but burning cat manure, or even the papers from the bottom of a litter box, doesn't smell nearly as bad as you'd expect, given the way the natural substance smells.



Thanksgiving e-card from the McDougalls. (Enjoy your tofurkey!)


Free downloadable poster...before you print it, please visit the web site to make sure you agree with the stated principles behind it. You don't, as their stated words explain, have to welcome homosexual lobbying or ethnic-minority hatespeech or other obnoxious behavior. You have to welcome people who are equally prepared to welcome other people (which, as far as I'm concerned, definitely includes conservative religious people who oppose same-sex "marriage"; likewise, conservative religious people who don't want to touch, make eye contact with, or show their bare faces to, people of the opposite sex to whom they're not married, but who support freedom and economic opportunities for those people of the opposite sex). If your office or organization does, this poster is for you, courtesy of:



Phenology Links 

We finally saw rain on Saturday...probably it wouldn't have been enough to stop these fires, although it was enough to make burning the week's trash a nasty, damp, chilly, smoky chore: four matches to get rid of just two half-full bags...



Because some people really are reporting mental and emotional problems with the election:


...Though others are just getting paid to make a lot of noise:


For those in the latter category, just the first paragraph of Tre Goins-Phillips' post says it all. (See the Tennessee link under "Disasters," and the North Carolina (itsjustlife.me) link under "Phenology"...)


Y'know, there's anti-Trump commentary, and there's meanness. A certain Republican correspondent overlooked this widely reported Trump "promise," for what it's worth, while reporting about the cost of presidential security and the token salary traditionally awarded the First Lady. (It is, by the way, a stressful job; not all of our recent First Ladies have developed cancer, but an alarmingly high proportion have.) I think the #BankruptcyBillionnaire certainly ought to forego a salary, and he can afford to cover Melania's salary as well, but he has no right to make that decision for any of the numerous (honorable veterans) in the Secret Service. (Note, however, that the Alltechnews story is an update, and retraction, of earlier reports that Trump had promised to take no salary as President.)



Sarah from the Philippines expresses hometown pride..too many pictures for me, but you may like them:



Yes, we love our vanity plates...but they're all in a good cause. (Locally, the Gadsden plate design is the hands-down winner, but one or two people still vote for dogwood blossoms or lighthouses.)



The web site linked below seeks "wheelchair expert" writers. I'm wheelchair-friendly but far from wheelchair-expert. I know some competent online writers are wheelchair dwellers. If you're one of them, please check out this temporary job-board post: :


(Shared by the writer who wanted to launch a series of "Wheelchair Guide to [City]" books and web sites, possibly as a franchise from the Lonely Planet empire, twenty years ago...and never connected with the wheelchair dwellers who I thought ought to do the actual writing. I know youall are out there.)


Christmas stockings are on sale. Hmm...do we need a horse image?

Or are the children in your life into sports?

Or music? If you don't find it on Zazzle, you can always post it there.