Wednesday, November 9, 2016

How Not to Be Pro-Life

(Cut from the Link Log due to length; guaranteed to offend some readers.)

In the Blaze article below, “conservative” Star Parker acts like a total jerk, beginning with a vulgar expression of hostility and proceeding through a display of lack of logic. The position of this web site is that if abortion is ever anyone’s choice (as distinct from an unpreventable disease process or a real physical life-and-death medical decision), something is radically wrong, somewhere. And tacky pro-lifers who make the best case that could possibly be made that, if their poor mothers had had any idea how they were going to turn out, in those peculiar cases abortion might have been a justifiable choice, are not helping. Someone should park this self-hating, race-baiting troll next to a toilet before her mouth opens again.

Remind me again…Joycelyn Elders, a member of the older generation, is remembered for advocating a no-nonsense approach to reducing the incidence of abortion that, when practiced, leaves everyone but a few allegedly celibate sex-obsessed old Catholic men feeling fine. Her approach was tacky and embarrassing, we were told. To whom, and in what way, was it worse than Parker-brat’s hatespew? Did anyone else out there chuckle over what Dr. Elders said, and hope Parker-brat’s poor old mother is already forever beyond being embarrassed by her daughter’s trashy manners?

You can read all about the Catholic Church’s evolution from accepting safe sex as a way the early Christians coped with being a persecuted minority who didn’t need to burden themselves with babies, to insisting that it was the duty of married couples to suppress any pleasure in any sexual expression but making as many babies as possible, as a result of pressure from mortals outside the church, in Philippe Aries' History of Private Life.


At least, when the early Roman church caved to pressure from non-Christians, the population of Rome was in decline; from the viewpoint of flawed mortals there seemed to be some reason for adopting “pro-life,” anti-choice, anti-woman, anti-child, anti-sanity policies…back then. In view of the fact that overpopulation is a major threat to human life on Earth by now, how long is it going to take for the Catholic Church to admit that they overstepped their boundaries by opposing non-procreative sex in the first place? 

How long must we endure the idiotic debate about abortion as “a woman’s choice” before the Catholic Church admits that, if people aren’t absolutely sure they want a baby, the “pro-life” choice is for those people not to start one in the first place? 

How hard is it for anyone, including women, to respect “women” as a group, including ourselves, as long as women participate in the kind of talk that presupposes that women never have any choices about starting pregnancies, but can only choose—sometimes after receiving death threats from reluctant baby-daddies—to terminate those pregnancies via an expensive, dangerous, morally and medically abhorrent surgical operation?

This web site does not discuss body parts, and personally I’d be mortified if I had to mention any specific body parts to explain safe sex to any of The Nephews in any case. They are intelligent enough to understand a simpler way. Teenaged readers are undoubtedly familiar with “Health Science” texts that explain what people do in order to make babies. Very well. If you do not want babies, your “pro-life” options include anything but that

This web site is aware that if the options that interest you include any of the other ways it’s possible to get close to another human, including kissing, those might be considered your “pro-microbial-life” options that will not protect your own lives from diseases, but that’s a different question you have to answer for yourselves. My point here is that nature always intended to “waste” the howling majority of those little reproductive cells teenaged bodies produce in such prodigious quantities, anyway. Even when a baby is made, reproductive cells die. 

So the only alternative to “wasting” reproductive cells is to die before reaching puberty, and since it’s too late to do that you might as well go ahead and sacrifice those little single cells that have no feelings of their own, anyway, to make sure you never inflict any avoidable pain upon any new, merged cells that have the potential to embody a living soul. Go ahead and flush those tiny germs of unwanted life down the toilet, the sperm and ova along with the fungi and bacteria. If God is calling you to preserve your DNA heritage, you’ll know it, and you’ll make a wholehearted choice to bring up those babies in loving homes.