Wednesday, November 9, 2016

November 9 Link Log

Neck-deep in e-mail, but at least I can delete a lot of it. Go to Washington to celebrate? Celebrate what? It's not by coincidence that the first link I'm opening comes from outside the United States. Today's Categories: Animals, Book, Christian, Drug Education, Fashion, Food, Marketing, Politics, Weird, Writing, Zazzle.


"Feel-good" dog pictures:

Cat picture, ditto:

And some birds:

(Did I promise a set of Petfinder links for dog people? Here we go...actually there are so many different kinds of dogs, I think I should narrow the field. Let's start with retrievers, in honor of Barkley, and the Chessies at the boardinghouse from which I went to that church college, and their friend who rescued me from street harassment.)
Chloe from Lutherville, Maryland:
Ella #2
Ella from Silver Spring, Maryland:

Jenny from Atlanta, who might well be a cousin to Barkley or Abby:
Btw, does everyone remember Marley?


Another book recommended by a correspondent. I've not read it, but I'd like to:


This prayer marks the end of the Concerned Women of America's thirty-day prayer challenge:

Pray that we will be looking at our God as we strive to walk wisely.

Our Father in heaven,
Teach us to pray.
Transform our hearts
To desire nothing more than Your presence.

Ephesians 5:14-16 – “For this reason it says, ‘Awake, sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.’ Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil.”

I'm wondering if anyone else did the 24-hour fast? All the way--no water, no meds, no toothpaste--or no solid foods, or (for diabetics) no foods in some specific category? I didn't commit to "all the way," but I did it...hope I don't have to repeat that in this lifetime, but it's one of those things it's cool to have done.

Now, should this link go under Books or Christian? Maybe "Good News," or "Nice," because to me it's very good news that Josh McDowell is still alive, still writing, and still listed on short lists of new books Christians need to read. I grew up with his early books, cut my Christian-reading teeth on More than a Carpenter...

Drug Education 101 

Does anybody out there still doubt that stimulants like meth turn people into, er um I hope this doesn't violate this site's contract, cr*zy sc*gs? (When I was a teenager, that was the phrase of uttermost contempt...very, very hurtful. And meant to be. This is your brain on drugs.)


"Would you wear this?" Bing asked. Well, duh...I see nothing "unconventional" about efforts to market sleeveless dresses with knee-length skirts. Same old hooker look the Misogynists of Madison Avenue were flogging in the 1980s. Ho hum, wake me when it's over. Fashion designers can be "unconventional," for them, by accepting that fashions are actually set by real women, with real jobs and real curves and real children and real budgets, all of which mean that youall can basically forget about things that make us worry about underwear showing, e.g. anything sleeveless, or make us look shorter and fatter than we are, e.g. knee-length skirts. Diana Spencer looked great in knee-length skirts. Most women look better in skirts that cover the curve of the leg, which also offer more protection from weather and mosquitoes, and which need to be full enough not to impede movement. That is what "skirt" should generally mean to you. Deal with it.

Food (Yum)

Gluten-free, low-calorie alternative to peanut brittle! (This can be made cane-free, if you use any syrup derived from any source other than sugar cane, but that would not make it sugar-free. Honey, agave nectar, corn syrup, maple syrup, sorghum, and so forth may be 100% uncontaminated by cane products but they are still, chemically, sugar solutions. Rare allergies apart, all sugar solutions affect the body in the same general way.) With this link comes special congratulations to +Sandy KS ...I didn't just stumble across this link on Twitter or Google +. Twitter shared it as a featured link!


Er, um...Oshkosh B'Gosh has been making cute clothes for little kids for a long time. I don't remember if I ever wore that label, but know my sisters did; in my charity-store-prowling days I used to buy Oshkosh B'Gosh for The Nephews. If there's a brand that can get away with advertising using images of models that aren't considered "perfect," Oshkosh B'Gosh is it. But I will say this. As a knitter, before the Information Age sensitized me to the problems with displaying pictures of private individuals, I started a "portfolio" of professional studio photos of customers wearing things I'd knitted. One customer was the writer known as Shalecka Boone, who had cerebral palsy and could no more smile on cue than she could parade around in "fashion" shoes. Apart from disease symptoms SB was just as cute as her sister the model, so she was delighted to be a model too. She modelled a lot of my hand knits in real life. She was a beautiful person, dearly loved and sorely missed. And whenever anyone who didn't know her personally saw her photo in my "portfolio," nobody ever said "Nice sweater" or "Was that really the best color for that model?" (who cared, it was the color she chose to wear) or "What pretty hair/eyes/cheekbones" or "How nice to see a model with a major physical disability treated just like any other beautiful young person." They said, "That face! What was going on in that picture?" No matter how p.c. people want to be, and no matter how many successful models may in fact have major disabilities (Heather Whitestone looked "perfect"), a model who can't smile on cue is a distraction from whatever s/he is modelling. I think the ads with the tot with Downs Syndrome may work for Oshkosh B'Gosh as a brand, but I'll be greatly surprised if they work for whatever style that precious baby is shown wearing.


(Or do I mean cultural appropriation? Are Asians destroying old English poetry? Bosh.) Gavin Aung Than presents a delightful cartoon version of the classic "Go quietly..." meme.

Politics (Condolences) 

Laura McKowen:

Politics (Congratulations) 

Steve Elliott, for all those who proudly self-identify as "Deplorables":

Politics (Could Have Been Worse) 

Dan Lewis reports:


They can be serious: a woman is facing a year in jail for selling homemade food.


Can search engines actually identify good writing? Hah. Can online writers exploit search engines? Hoot. Niume offers the latest tips. (Please note...if you break up your blog post into multiple pages I'm extremely unlikely to read beyond page one or link to your post, and likewise if you use big messy images that slow down the page. The smaller, slower, older, cheaper devices I use, and my printed-page-adapted aging eyes, do like "walls of text" with no distracting images in the middle. I'm not a search engine. You may have to decide between pleasing search engines and pleasing actual readers. For example, I think this article would look a lot better with no graphics at all.)


Calendars are on sale today. Blogspot is not playing nicely with Zazzle. Bad Blogspot.

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